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Our One Wish: Anime Christmas Episodes

Here again is the season for otakus to sit back, relax and enjoy some anime Christmas specials. Sure, it’s the same episode each year (and not a lot adds up), but who are we to complain, right?

Understandably, at some point we may feel bored seeing Mai of Itsudatte My Santa be cute and romantic together with Santa (who is a boy named Santa, not the real one, okay?) or the Tendo dojo hosting a Christmas party for Ranma ½ characters.

Yes, sometimes we feel empty. But what else can we do? Japan doesn’t put as much attention to Christmas as much as they do for the New Year.

‘Suppose the last thing we could all do is dream – that somewhere, someday, we’d all see a Christmas offering of our favorite anime. And as we dream, might as well make it something more elaborate and colorful. Thus, we have the following plots for some anime’s that we would love to have a Christmas episode:

Rurouni Kenshin

As the Western influence spread throughout Japan, Kenshin and the gang experience some of the perks of a so-called Kurisumasu. They exchange gifts but not Sanosuke who wants all the gifts to himself. Kaoru learns something about being under a misletoe and wishes for Kenshin to end up kissing her on the night of Christmas Eve.


Watanuki and Yuuko welcomes the most unlikely guest to ever step into the shop. Santa Claus makes a short appearance to ask for something that the Time Witch could grant. Of course, there is a catch and Yuuko gets her wish during Christmas – an extra room in the shop for her very own winery!

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rei hosts a Christmas party for the entire EVA cast. Misato embarrasses herself while too drunk to even stand up; Shinji share a kiss with Asuka under a mistletoe (much to Asuka’s disdain); A synchronized dancing contest in held and oddly, Gendo Ikari and Fuyutsuki win. An angel appears yet again, but this time it’s a Christmas Angel out to bring peace and happiness even for just a day.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The SOS Brigade goes on a special Holiday season hunt: to find the truth behind the fat man in red suit. By Christmas morning, when Haruhi finds a present beside her bed, she insists that it is put there by the club members to make her believe that there is such a man as Santa Claus. Of course, no one knows who did it.

Vision of Escaflowne

Hitomi sees a vision of celebrating a one-of-a-kind feast with the rest of the Escaflowne cast. The people of Gaea call dress in red and give each other gifts. It reminds her of Christmas Day on Earth and true enough, the Gaean tradition is believed to have been passed from the old tradtion of the Atlanteans. Though the info is not as important as the decision of who’s to kiss (Van or Allen?) under the mistletoe.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

In a dream, Simon and Yoko is reunited with a man they miss so much. Kamina brings them to a place where nothing but happiness can be felt. Simon receives a gift from Kamina which he brings with him when he wakes up. Yoko shares a kiss with Kamina under a ganman that looks like mistletoe.


After unknowingly drinking the elixir, the cast celebrate one Christmas after another, not a bit of sign of ever growing old and tired of the yearly feast.



A Nightmare Before Christmas

Imagine, just like in the popular stop-motion animation movie, Santa Claus is kidnapped by some brats out to take over the Holiday Season. What to do, what to do? How to stop Jack o’ Lantern from committing the biggest crime against children?

But if you think the infamous pumpkin-head could destroy Christmas with all those scary Halloween stuff, the following could-be-Santas (God forbid!) could do far worse. Imagine if anime – characters from a country without deep-rooted Christmas tradition – take over the flying sleigh? Caution: Don’t let the children read this. It might bring them to tears.

Haruko Haruhara (FLCL)

Riding her yellow scooter, Santa Haruko would be scouring the world with her cool guitar…hitting children! By Christmas morning, Haruko would make sure every kid – good or bad – gets a good hit in the head. Unfortunately, most of them would probably boys. But the good thing is that they get a robot for a present!

Haruhi Suzumiya (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

After finding out that Santa Claus is true, this girl would probably do nothing during the entire Christmas season. She doesn’t like beings other than the supernatural, so why would she bother giving gifts to humans? She would probably just keep the gifts to sell everything for the benefit of her SOS club.

Ryoga Hibiki (Ranma ½)

Now Ryoga may be a nice kid who would probably be so excited to take the place of Santa. However, everyone knows how bad this boy can be with directions. Even if Rudolf could talk to him, this kid has deaf ears. Having no gift is worse than having a lousy one, right?

Sunako Nagahara (The Wallflower)

If Jack O’ Lantern was bad. Sunako is worse. That should be enough reason to stay away from this lady if she ever becomes a Santa.

Kyoya Ootori (Ouran High School Host Club)

Now this is one young man normal enough to be a Santa for a night. Nah, guess again! While Kyoya brings out the most wonderful gift for every child in the world, tugged in his arm would probably be a list of all the expenses he’s done for the parents to pay back. And everyone knows when this man wants something, he will get it.

Light Yagami (Death Note)

Naughty kids, beware! Enough said.


Scared enough already? It gets worse with more and crazier anime characters appearing by the seasons. Good thing Santa’s completely fictional, huh? Don’t go telling the kids now…

Oh yeah, so are all these characters.



Kurisumasu Omedetou!!!

Christmas Magic

Are we too grownup to feel a thrill
As we light the Christmas tree?
Are we immune to cookies,
Christmas cards and Christmas glee?

Are we too adult to “Ooh” and “Aah”
At the Christmas candle’s glow?
Are we blasé about our gifts;
Do we shun the mistletoe?

Are we too mature for carols,
For merry or for jolly?
Do the decorations leave us cold,
The ornaments and holly?

Fat chance! We’ll never grow too old
To love the Christmas magic.
A year without a Christmas
Would be boring, even tragic.

So bring it on! The candy canes,
The feasting and good cheer;
O Christmas, lovely Christmas,
You’re the highlight of the year!

By Joanna Fuchs



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