10 Years of Tooth-Aching Sweetness: Card Captor Sakura

Ten years ago in Japan, a young lady with a staff and a guide name Keroberos had a mission to collect all the Clow Cards. She became one of the most popular character of her time. Her name is Sakura Kinomoto.
Ten years after, in the Philippines, she still went along her mission but this time to collect newfound fans.

Catch You Catch Me

To be precise, the story of Cardcaptor Sakura started off in print two years before the beginning of the TV series. The manga was well-known for emphasizing the shoujo genre by having bubbles, flowers, or sparkles around the main character. In 2001, it won the Seiun Awards for Best Manga.

The story centered around Sakura Kinomoto who became the retriever of the Clow Cards which she accidentally scattered after opening the Clow Book. Keroberos, a yellow teddy bear-looking creature, accompanied her and gave her the responsibility as Card Captor. Tomoyo Daidouji, her best friend, found out about her big secret but was more than happy to learn of it so she could have Sakura wear her fashion creations. Li Syaoran and Li Meiling came into the picture as her rivals in collecting the Clow Cards.

The first season of the TV series focused on Sakura capturing all the cards and in the end facing the last test given by Yue, Keroberos’ counterpart. The second season introduced a new character, Eriol Hiragizawa, who is Clow’s reincarnation. Sakura needed to turn the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards to make it her own or else her then efforts would be fruitless.

I Am A Dreamer

Cardcaptor Sakura is a testament to CLAMP’s popularity. In the Philippines, CCS was first shown in 2002, at a time when television was dominated by shonen-type anime. CCC was then a welcome change to anime fan’s viewing habits.

What sets it apart among other anime that came before, with, and even after it is that CCS has compelling characters and great animation. CLAMP’s change of style in drawing proved successful with CCS. It’s genki, pastel-colored backgrounds are always a nice picture to look at. Add to that characters that are drawn simply but perfectly shows the emotion that a situation entailed. The tension between Sakura and Syaoran is also cute and never-tiring.

It should also be noted that since CLAMP created Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (perhaps also a testament to Sakura’s popularity), a new flame among fans have somehow been re-ignited. Seeing a different version of a well-loved character is a sweet treat indeed. The story of Tsubasa even makes a mention of Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li becoming a couple and having a child which pretty much completes the story of two of the most beloved characters of CLAMP universe.