Absolute Mystery: What is the Geass?

Resenting a simple and meaningless death in the hands of the Britannian Empire, Lelouch’s wish to survive was granted by C.C. by transferring to him a power she called The Power Of Kings. Since then, Lelouch had been able to use the mysterious power by ordering his victim to do his bidding. The unknowing victim who had looked Lelouch in the eyes prior to his or her obedience, in the end, will forget anything that had happened soon after Lelouch has gone.

Yet Lelouch’s newfound ability is just one of the many types of this mysterious power called the Geass. Later, he learned that there are more to this mysterious power than he had imagined, that a Geass differs for every individual who has it, and that such great power holds a responsibility heavier than he could carry.

Let’s unravel the various types of Geass used in Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion.

Lelouch Lamperouge / Lelouch vi Britannia: Absolute Obedience

Lelouch can order anyone to do whatever he tells it to. The first time he used it was right after C.C. transferred it, to throw away the military who were about to kill him. He ordered them to kill themselves and, much to his pleasure, they did.

He had used this power in a number of occasion, both leading him to greatness as well as defeat.

As the main protagonist of the story, his Geass had been given the most recognition, which inludes its limitations. One is to make eye contact while doing the transfer of the Geass sigil (the bird-shaped symbol) from Lelouch’s eye to another. Also, the person affected by his Geass can only be ordered once. Also, C.C. can never be affected by his Geass.

Rolo Lamperouge: Absolute Suspension

Rolo’s Geass grants him the power to temporarily suspend the subjective sense of time for everyone within a given range. Unlike Lelouch’s it does not need eye contact. In its activation, his eye creates a red sphere that quickly expands to represent its area of effect. Also, unlike Lelouch, Rolo is in control of his Geass, being an assassin at a young age.

The limitations of this Geass however, can be fatal to its user. Rolo’s heart stops beating during the effect of suspension. It is also unable to stop inanimate objects and natural phenomena such as speed and momentum.

Mao: Mind Reading

C.C.’s former partner, Mao’s Geass became uncontrollable and so he always wears sunglasses to hide his eyes and headphones playing C.C.’s words, to block out the thoughts of those around him. This ability proved to be a challenge for Lelouch who had to use his Geass to himself to prevent Mao from reading his moves.

Since this Geass works at a 500-meter radius, Mao had been constantly hounded by the thoughts of every individual that comes into that range. This power, together with C.C. leaving him, put him on the brink of insanity.

Charles di Britannia: Memory Suppression

The Emperor’s Geass was given to him by V.V. and is used to suppress the memories of its victim, replacing it with a false one. Upon capture of Lelouch, Suzaku presented him to the Emperor who used a Geass on him. However, C.C. unleashed Lelouch’s memories after reuniting with him.

Jeremiah Gottwald: Geass Canceler

“Orange’s” Geass is a direct opposite of all other Geass. When he came in contact with V.V. and the Geass cult, they gave him a Geass Canceler which nullifies the effects of any Geass used on another person.

Bismarck Waldstein: Clairvoyance

The Knight of One can see a glimpse of the future when he uses his Geass. He claimed to have used it only on Lady Marianne but was forced to do so in his fight with Suzaku. Thus, Bismarck could see Suzaku’s moves and devise the proper attack and defense against the Knight of Seven.

His clairvoyance triggers only a few seconds into the future however, and compared to Suzaku’s “live on ” command, his will was overcome and he was defeated.

Marianne vi Britannia : Spirit Transfer

The wife of the the Emperor has the abilty to transfer her spirit to another person’s heart which she exactly did after her assassination. Anya Alstreim witnessed her massacre and became the vessel of her spirit until the time that Charles needed her.


The nun who helped her as a child, gave her a Geass that made her loved by everyone. She was spoiled with gifts of different kinds by people who once looked down on her for being a slave. When the nun killed herself, the immortality that is part of the Geass’ curse was transferred to her.


The Tragic Ten

The Geass did not discriminate on its victim. Both Britannians and Elevens suffered a great deal of pain because of those who have tried to change the world using the Power of Kings.

Here are 10 notable victims of the power of Geass.

Mao 10.
It was C.C. who gave him his Geass at the age of six. He was an orphan who took C.C.’s caring especially after becoming an outcast because of his power to read other’s thoughts. C.C. left him after failing to fulfill his part of their contract. He went insane and sought C.C. leading to his death in C.C.’s hands.

Schneizel el Britannia 09.
He was willing to sacrifice people to achieve ultimate peace, revealing his antagonistic side. Lelouch did not allow it to happen and instead of killing him, bestowed onto him a punishment more painful – making him Lelouch’s follower through the Geass.

Anya Alstreim 08.
When Lady Marianne died, she used her Geass to transfer her spirit to Anya’s heart to reach to her Emperor husband. Therefore, Anya doesn’t remember a lot about her past and instead sees Lady Marianne’s memories of Lelouch and Nunally.

Shirley Finette 07.
Through Villeta Nu, she discovered Lelouch’s identity as Zero. She held a geat deal of hatred for him after killing her father in the military. But she had always loved Lelouch. Even after getting her memories back through Jeremiah, she chose to love and help Lelouch in his struggles, much to Rolo’s paranoia. Rolo killed her after speaking about Nunally.

Rolo Lamperouge 06.
Rolo is part of the rewritten memories Lelouch’s Emperor father created. He played the role of Lelouch’s sibling in place of Nunally. He closely looked after Lelouch and was ready to kill him whenever necessary. Lelouch used Rolo’s weakness in relating to people but in the end, loved him like a real brother after saving him. Rolo died after overusing his Geass.

Nunally Lamperouge 05.
She got injured in her mother’s assassination and was wheelchair-bound since then. Her blindness was believed to have been the effect of psychological trauma but was later revealed to be the workings of her own father’s Geass.

C.C. 04.
C.C. was an escaped slave in her younger days. She came to a church where she met a nun who gave her the power of Geass. Since then, she was loved by everyone. However, she got tired of all the gifts and praises. She became an immortal being when the nun killed herself, transferring immortality to her and the mission to continue the cycle of the Geass.

Euphemia la Britannia 03.
All she wanted to do was to give back to the Japanese what was once theirs in an effort done in the region under Mt. Fuji – The Special Administrative Zone of Japan. During the ceremony, however, in a talk with Lelouch, she was accidentaly influenced by his Geass and reluctantly massacred the Elevens. Zero, much to his heartache, shot her to end the mess that he had initiated. She was since then called the “Massacre Princess.”

Suzaku Kururugi 02.
Suzaku have always believed he could change the Brittanian Empire from the inside by becoming one of its elite pilots. In order to achieve this, he had to constantly struggle to fight Zero and his ideals. For more than once, Zero had saved Suzaku’s life using Geass, the most recent being the one he had used to survive. To “live on” became a curse, bestowed upon him by his friend Lelouch. He then lived his life as Zero, the masked soldier of salvation.

Lelouch Lamperouge 01.
He believed his mother’s massacre was not just a simple terroristic act. When he received his Geass, it opened the opportunity to rebel against his own Emperor father’s supremacy. His use of the Geass have resulted in the death of countless people, some of whom are dearest to his heart. In the end, to atone to killing Euphemia, he did an act together with Suzaku Kururugi, whom everyone knew had died, to massacre him in front of the public. From one who held the world’s salvation, he became the focus of the world’s fear and anger. Yet he didn’t mind. In the end, he died knowing that the world would be a better place for his little sister.