Lelouch Lamperouge / Lelouch vi Britannia

Real Name: Lelouch vi Britannia

Aliases: Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero, Black Prince, King of Elevens

Nickname: Lulu

Age: 17 (first season); 18 (second season)

Gender: Male

Birthdate: December 5 1999 a.t.b.

Nationality: Britannian

Occupation: Ashford Academy student council vice president, Leader of the Order of the Black Knights, Chairman of the U.F.N., Emperor of Britannia

Seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama


In both manga and anime, Lelouch was introduced as a student winning a game of Chess against a Britannian citizen. Could it perhaps be taken as a symbol of his oppression against the world power?

As a child, Lelouch lived in aristocracy together with his mother Lady Marianne and little sister Nunally. When their mother was killed, they were sent to Japan and lived with the then Prime Minister Kururugi. There, he befriended the minister’s son Suzaku. However, when the Knightmare Frames were finally developed by the Britannian Empire followed by the successful occupation of Japan, Lelouch and his sister had to part ways with the Kururugis and has since then lived with the Ashfords.

On his way to school from a Chess match, Lelouch witnessed an accident and decided to help. He found himself inside a truck of a rebel Eleven (Japanese). Also inside it was a capsule holding a person named C.C. As they were chased and cornered by the military forces, C.C. saved his life by taking on a bullet. It was then that Lelouch had a realization that he didn’t want to just die so easily. Suddenly, C.C.’s hands held him and instantly granted his wish through the power of absolute obedience – the Geass.

Filled with hatred towards the Britannian Empire, Lelouch used the power of Geass to begin a rebellion by siding with the resistance group of Elevens. He donned a mask and a cloak and has since then lived half of his life as the mysterious masked revolutionary named Zero – a name that rebels against the Britannian Empire that designates numbers instead of nationalities to people of the countries they occupy.

Zero formed the Black Knights, initially composed of Kaname Ohgi’s resistance group.

Lelouch will not stop in order to achieve his goal: to create a new world for his little sister Nunally who had been blind and crippled since their mother was caught dead on the stairs of the Aries Imperial Palace in Britannia.

Even without his Geass, Lelouch is a highly intellectual man and could prove to be a very formidable opponent, capable of devising and executing strategies with speed and precision.