Tsubasa Revelations: Chronicled

Probably the biggest mystery revealed in the 52 episodes of Tsubasa Chronicle was that Syaoran-kun was not really himself. Yet this fact was not completely revealed until the release of the OVA Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations. Had there been a Season 3 for the popular anime, revelations far more shocking than the clone Syaoran, could have surfaced. But fret not. With the manga running and revealing more than what any fan could handle, we dish out the five most shocking revelations all over the Tsubasa universe.

Tsubasa Revelation # 5:
Kurogane Lost His Left Arm

Can you imagine Kurogane, the best samurai, wielding his sword but doesn’t have the better arm for it? How would he slash all those bad guys that would come their way? Oh, and he also lost his sword.

He wished for Fay to stay alive while the country of Celes faced its destruction. In a voice that traveled telepathically, Tomoyo-hime asked him to sold something equally valuable to save Fay. When they got to Nihon Country through the help of Tomoyo-hime, he had exchanged his sword – the Souhi, which he obtained in the Country of Otto. But it wasn’t enough, and so Kurogane offered his better arm for wielding his sword. It was unbelievable at first, but it seems Kurogane has grown to care so much for his newfound friends that he would sacrifice even his own life for them.

Tsubasa Revelation # 4:
Fay Knew Everything

When they got to Celes country, Fay was greeted by King Ashura and a familiar little boy. It was revealed that the boy’s name is Fay and that the Fay we know took the boy’s name when his is originally Yuui. Yuui and Fay are twins who had to endure a cursed life, only to end up with another curse that would travel through time with the new Fay. Fei Wang Reed, who had appeared before him, told Fay about the journey he would have together with a Princess named Sakura. He then journeyed, as instructed by Fei Wang Reed, to find two magical feathers. One would be put in his brother’s body so it wouldn’t rot, and the other to be given to Sakura, which explains why he had a feather when they got to Hanshin Republic.

Tsubasa Revelation # 3:
The Mark On Sakura Is Death

The journey of Sakura and Syaoran started when Sakura’s memories in the form of feathers flew throughout different dimensions. A huge seal was shown behind Sakura who then was floating in the air before her memories literally flew away. The same seal was seen during flashbacks of the real Syaoran on his first time to come to Clow Country. During a cleansing ritual on the 7th day, Sakura was abducted by Fei Wang Reed. Since then, Sakura have had a black seal on her that only her mother Nadeshiko and Syaoran could see. It was the same seal seen during the first episode and meant that death was bestowed upon Sakura.

Tsubasa Revelation # 2:
Syaoran Is Watanuki

The most recent revelation in Tsubasa Chronicle crossed over to the story of Kimihiro Watanuki in xxxHolic. When Syaoran wished to turn back time in order to save Sakura, Fei Wong Reed introduced a boy who’s the same as Syaoran’s age. In order to fill the void that Syaoran’s wish had created, Watanuki was born. Watanuki would stay with Syaoran’s parents in Japan in exchange of him. “He is not a brother, he is yourself” is what Fei Wang Reed told Syaoran.

Tsubasa Revelation # 1:
Sakura Died

After Sakura earned her wish in the battle in Infinity, Fay who’s under a curse of Fei Wang Reed suddenly jumped at her on instinct and killed her. But because Sakura have seen the event in a premonition, she had taken on the steps to separate her body and soul. Her soul traveled to the World of Dreams where The Clone Syaoran followed her to get her feathers. As the World of Dreams break down, (real) Syaoran was able to get to Sakura’s aid but was unable to save her when she willingly took The Clone’s sword in her heart to protect Syaoran.

It was then that Sakura understood that she was also a creation of Fei Wang Reed and that she told Syaoran “Your Sakura isn’t me,” before she dissolved into cherry blossom petals.

Fay kills Sakura


Probably the biggest revelation that happened after witnessing 52 episodes of Tsubasa Chronicle is that there would be no Season 3. It was apparently canceled as NHK ETV has a “No Violence, No Alcohol” policy. But as the manga is still running, there’s still hope for Tsubasa fans who want to see more.
Interestingly, over the internet, a site was created to send out a petition to NHK to consider the broadcast of Tsubasa Chronicle Season 3. Head out to http://www.petitiononline.com/tsubasa/petition.html and let your wish come true without paying a very valuable price. It’s not too late yet.