Yuuko Ichihara

Name: Yuuko Ichihara

Real Name: she wouldn’t reveal

Aliases: Dimension Witch

Gender: Female

Occupation: Owner of her own shop that grants wishes

Slaves: Maru and Moro, Kimihiro Watanuki

Seiyuu: Sayaka Oohara


If there’s anything you could wish for in your life, what would it be?

Well, steer clear from Yuuko if you don’t want to end up with you wish granted. This is when the phrase “be careful what you wish for” would hit you like an avalanche.

The star of CLAMPs’ xxxHolic, Yuuko Ichihara, is powerful enough to grant anyone’s wish, as long as the wisher understands how high the payment is.

Clearly, Yuuko is no fairygod mother. First of all, one should know where her place is. Her shop is not your typical place. Only those who are strongly in need of her help could see it. Otherwise, one would just pass the area off as a vacant lot among a background of skyscrapers.

Yuuko is known by many names, the most popular of which is the Witch of Dimensions. She has the ability to cross dimensions. She also has a keen sense for hitsuzen and seems to know the hitsuzen that Watanuki will follow.

She is often seen serious, seemingly suspicious at everything or perhaps because she has knowledge of things that are to happen. She often comes up as someone lacking emotion.

Despite the deep character however, she can also be very funny, especially when tormenting Watanuki in her own “witchy” way. She loves his cooking and though may not be showing it outright, cares so much for him.