Feed Not Thy Bloodlust: The Modern-Day Vampires of Animedom

Throughout centuries, their kind had been feared and looked down upon at the same time. Humans have killed them in both literature and all forms of modern media. But that was then. These days, it seems humans have gotten along with these creatures of myth, co-existing with them and relying on them to clean up their trash of misbehaving kins.

These modern-day blood-suckers are out there to get us…to have tea with them. Or soda. Anything but blood. Oh, and a friendly chat.

From Ordinary to Not-So

When Saya Otonashi woke up from her hibernation in Blood+, she became the adopted daughter of George, an army veteran who saw Saya go insane, killing everyone in sight. She has no memory of her identity or past. She may appear as an ordinary teenager, but she has the special ability to heal herself intantly. She also needs blood transfusions to remain healthy.

During an attack of a chiropteran, she learns that her blood could kill such creatures and she is reunited with Hagi, her former chevalier. Thus begins her life as a hunter of cheropterans. But who is the one called Diva? How are they connected to each other?

Kazuna Takashiro and his sister Chizuna of Hitsuji no Uta have a condition that have been passed down through their bloodline. They get excited by the mere sight of blood or even just the blood-red color. Their father had committed suicide six years ago, and they try to understand why it happened. Chizuna once admitted to having a relationship with their father after their mother’s death. Now it seems, Kazuna is beginning to feel something special towards her as  well.

Yuki of Vampire Knight never knew she was a vampire because her mother put her powers to sleep. She was adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy, who shares her belief that vampires and humans could live peacefully together. Her job is to act as the school prefect, going between the Human Day students and the Vampire Night students, preventing them from going at it with each other.

Living a Cautious Life

Miyu of Vampire Princess Miyu does not get affected by sunlight, crucifixes or holy water. Unless one is willing, she will never take blood from anyone so easily. She picks those who suffer tragic loss and offers them a chance to be with their loved ones, at least in an endless dream; or she could just look for people whom she believes to be “lovely” either by physical traits or personality.

In the world of Nightwalker, Shidou Tatsuhiko runs a private investigator office that takes care of investigations about breed-inspired crimes. He has decided not to draw blood from unwilling victims after an incident that resulted in the death of his young sister.

Fay D. Flourite of Tsubasa Chronicle who was once a powerful magician now becomes a vampire as well after taking in Kamui’s blood and drinking Kurogane’s blood who now becomes his vessel in order for him to survive.

For The Love of a Vampire

Moka Akashiya in Rosario+Vampire has a special liking to the human Tsukune Aono after ingesting his blood, and getting addicted to its sweet taste. She wears a rosary on her neck that only Tsukune could take off. When that happens to turns into a super vampire, more powerful than any monster in Youkai Academy. She is the sole reason Tsukune decides to stay in the academy who doesn’t know he’s a human. Later on, after a number of neck-biting from Moka, even Tsukune develops some vampiric abilities.

Hazuki met Kouhei Morioka in Tsukuyomi – Moon Phase, on his travel to a castle in Germany. He is a Vampire lover as well as love of other paranormal occurences. When Hazuki fed on his blood, claiming him as her unwilling servant, the blood pact did not take effect on him. Later on, the two develop feelings toward each other and Kouhei promised to protect Hazuki from her own family vampire servants who will do anything to take her back.

Alucard von Mosquiton fell in love with Inaho Hitomebore but it looks like she’s more focused on the financial side of life, much to his dismay. He is Inaho’s pet vampire but he obeys her willingly and will do everything in his power to protect her.

Taking Out Their Own Trash

Hellsing’s Alucard is the most powerful vampire at the moment. Thus he is Hellsing Organization’s toughest warrior. Donning a pair of leather boots, a bowtie and a long redover-coat, one could easily surmise that he prefers Victorian fashion. He also wears a red fedora hat with wide floppy brim and a pair of circular, heavily tinted in yellow, wire framed sunglasses.

Being the strongest, Alucard loves to belittle his opponents. One of his favorites is to get himself shot to pieces before flowing back to form his body once again. He believes that the vampires he kills are mere punks and unworthy of being called vampires. He longs for someone who could equally match his power.

The Kowloon Children in Black Blood Brothers which had caused chaos by biting humans and turning them into their own kind, have been exterminated ten years ago in the Hong Kong Crusade by Jiro Mochizuki, an Old Blood vampire. Now her travels with his brother Kotaro looking for the Special Zone, where they could exist together with other vampires. Along the way he finds out that a plan to go to the Special Zone is being hacked by some Kowloon Children survivors.

The Hunted and the Hunter

Tsubasa Chronicle‘s Vampire Twins Kamui and Subaru have been looking for each other in Tsubasa and at the same time, trying to run away from their hunters. In order the repay for all the troubles they have caused, Kamui feeds Fay his blood so he could live. Fuma and Seishiro, their hunters who are also brothers, seem to take a special liking to each of the twins.


Want Some Blood?
The Opposite Side to Being a Vampire in “Chibi Vampire”

Karin came from a family of vampires, but what completely throws her apart from the bloodline is that instead of sucking blood from others, her body produces too much blood and therefore, she has to bite others in order to inject her blood otherwise she would suffer an ugly nosebleeed. He own family calls her a freak, but she is able to live the life of an ordinary school girl. She could go outside under the hot sun, and has the sleep pattern of a human.

Injecting Kenta Usuii, the boy who disrupts her already disrupted life the more. Whenever she comes near him, her blood increases. Avoiding him seem impossible seeing that they are in the same class and even works in the same restaurant. Later, when Kenta discovers her secret, they become closer to each other, helping each other out. This eventually turned into a blossoming partnership, but what’s a good relationship without some hurdles thrown in along the way?

Injecting Winner Sinclair, a vampire hunter who falls in love with Karin. Oh, what’s an innocent, teenage, blood-producing vampire to do?

Chibi Vampire (Karin in original Japanese) is a romantic supernatural comedy written by Yuna Kagesaki using her own blood. Just kidding.




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