Two Mokonas?

Sure there are two Mokonas in CLAMP’s Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHolic anime, but what I’m referring to is the Mokona of the original anime from where it came. Two Mokonas in Magic Knight Rayearth!

I was reminiscing over MKR and so I decided to watch it again and in episode 6 (I think it’s that episode) where Presea died, Hikaru cradled the swordsmith in her arms. After a few heartbreaking seconds, the image of the Magic Knights with Presea comes into view. But wait a second, I paused the player because I thought I saw two Mokonas in there.

Below is the said moment:


See the two Mokonas?


Now I wonder if this is a production mistake or it’s just me thinking too much of Mokona. I find myself an addict for that little critter…