Seeing Double: Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure


dual title

Parallel Adventure

Kazuki Yotsuga regularly sees a vision of mechas battling each other. But what’s more weird about him is that he can be seen reacting to the strange phenomena in his head, making him a laughing stock in his class. He runs a website where he puts a story about the things he sees.
Mitsuki Sanada, one of the popular students seems to take an interest in his stories and brings him to her mansion where she introduces him to her scientist-father, Ken Sanada.
Dr. Sanada is interested in the alternate world in Kazuki’s mind and have created a machine that would open a door to the alternate world. A mishap occurs in the laboratory resulting in Kazuki getting transported to the dual world where he realizes the truth to his visions.
Kazuki ang Mitsuki are thrown into a war between Earth Defense Force and the Rara Army, both led by counterparts of people in the “real world.”  He becomes a pilot of a mecha called Zinv and discovers an extraterrestrial power that seem to have started the war.

dual zinv

Parallel Trouble

Other than the fact that there is no technology that could help bring Kazuki and Mitsuki back to their own world, a big question mark in everyone’s head is how Kazuki is able to pilot the mecha specially built for females.
And why doesn’t he seem to have a counterpart in the dual world?
But perhaps the biggect conflict is how Kazuki would handle the trouble of living with three – wait, make that four (with two Mitsukis) – beautiful ladies who seem to develop a liking to him. Oh, what is a young man to do?

dual kazuki and mitsuki

Parallel View

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure may remind one of Neon Gensesis Evangelion with some characters, design and theme or the fact that it came out during the height of EVA’s popularity (which was quite a long time).
However, Dual has its own characters and a story good enough to stand on its own. The animation may not be topnotch, but it’s not bad either.
And if for some reason, you remember Tenchi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo) the more you look at Kazuki, well it’s creator Masaki Kajishima is the same guy behind that outrageously great series. Therefore, watching Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure shouldn’t be any trouble at all.