Azu-Madness…Recommended! 5 Reasons to air Azumanga Daioh on local Philippine TV


Sure, we may not need to after getting a good spot in the list of  Happiest Countries, but I disagree. We need constant happiness in our lives and Azumanga Daioh on local TV would create more reasons to be happy.

Here are 5 gleeful reasons why our local channels should show this wonderfully happy anime:

1. It’s a stress relief

Times are hard and we need to feel good. Azumanga Daioh has outtakes that would definitely put a smile to anyone’s face.

azumanga osaka in swimsuit

Azumanga Daioh is a take on the day-to-day life of a group of friends: Chiyo, a child prodigy who is five years younger than her classmates is trying to fit in. Everybody finds her cute and adorable; Osaka has a skewed perspective of the world and is often seen spacing out; Sakaki hides an obsession with cute animals with her reserved look; Yomi aggravates at an annoying Tomo who is full of physical energy but not as much in the intelligence department; and Kagura who is sporty and rivals Sakaki but is in good terms with the non-brainy ones in the group.

Seeing them struggle and triumph over life (so far) is something anyone could relate to.

No super magical powers and enemy of the week or world destruction theme. Well, there’s Yukari-sensei and the weird Kimura-sensei but we can’t classify them as supernatural. Just plain crazy.

2. It’s for the students

Do it for the future: the kids.

Chiyo-chan and the gang makes going to school an interesting and fun adventure with friends, classmates and teachers. Going home to school chatting and laughing with friends, school festivities that develop personality, learning school subjects and life, are things that Azumanga Daioh presents to the young audience.

We need to remind students how cool school it is.

3. It’s all about love

Love for animals, love for friends, for cute stuff, love for fellow female classmate, love for students. Love is all around Azumanga Daioh!

azumanga sakaki cat

Sakaki regularly bumps into a cat that puts her fingers in a bind. Yet, she doesn’t mind.

Then, Kaori, a classmate of Sakaki, is deeply infatuated with her. And then, Kimura-sensei seems to take a special interest for Kaori addressing the poor student by her nickname and planting a Kaorin and Kimura garden in school.

Even love for not studying hard is also dished out with Yomi, Osaka and Kagura. But don’t tell the kids…

4. It’s about the value of friendship

In a time of hatred and division, what we need is to understand each other and befriend one another. If we can’t be friends just because, we could at least try it for Chiyo-chan’s sake! Look at that cute young girl wanting nothing but peace and love!!!

azumanga chiyo angry

5. It’s the characters

Chiyo-chan is the cutest little girl you’ll every meet. But there are more endearing characters in Azumanga Daioh than you could find in Osaka’s spaced-out mind. Even Yukari-sensei could be endearing in her own crazy way…Just watch it to meet all of them.

So whadoyousay?

Can we give Azumanga Daioh a chance on local TV?

Okay, here’s one last effort to make our local  channels say YES: The lead star is a midget! Pretty much like our leader…

Wait! I think I just blew any chances. Please disregard the last part!!! Onegai!!!