An OtaKu-risumasu

special-featureWanna play real-life Pokemon? Or hound the streets as a ReiKai Tantei? Perhaps live with beautiful girls or guys and become the bane of their existence and be stuck in a love polygon?

What is your wish this Christmas, dear otaku?


Ask yourself these questions:

What anime would you like to be turned into a smash-hit Hollywood flick?

What anime would you like to have a sequel or to continue airing good episodes?

Who is the anime character that you would like to become real?

What anime setting would you like to visit?




What is a Wish?

It is a hope or desire for something. It answers questions that may be uncertain or completely impossible. The concept of “if” is used mainly in expressing a wish.

What do people wish for the most?



My Anime Wishlist

For I too have a couple or more wishes in this fragile heart of mine.


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