Santa Steer Clear: Anime’s Naughty Boys and Girls



This year, I, Doraemon gets to be Santa’s helper.

Santa Claus couldn’t make it seeing how busy he is now that Christmas is just around the corner. And, well, this topic is not exactly his interest since he pays no attention to these kind of individuals. They are not in his list. Only the nice girls and boys make it to his list after all.

Anime is getting a short list of good boys and girls nowadays…

But hey, Christmas is for everyone. So with this, we take second look at anime’s list of the mischievous and see if Santa could consider  re-doing his list right before morning of Christmas Day…


Hanamichi Sakuragi

He’s dim-witted, short-tempered and violent. And he’s a freshman student. Despite all that, he has proven himself to be a good basketball player, putting Shohoku High in a good position. He constantly compares himself to Rukawa and has pride bigger than any stadium their teams have played in as he continues to believe in his abilities as a genius.



He takes pride in his masterful craft of stealing women’s undergarments. He strikes hell over Ranma and the others. Yet there are times when he gives sound advice that helps Ranma out of tight situations. And he treats Kasumi nicely so he still has a good side.


Haruko Haruhara

She hit Naota with her guitar, ran over the boy in her scooter, and wreck havoc in the city. She doesn’t care what happens to earth as long as she gets what she came here for. However, she has made a boy fall in love for the first time.


Millions Knives

Vash’s twin brother is behind the big bounty on his head. Knives is the leader of the Gung-Ho Guns who is out to kill his brother. As a kid, he was discriminated against and beaten, shaping his belief opposed to what Rev Saverem taught him. Oh, and he also killed Rev.


Sanosuke Sagara

He lets his fist talk to those whom he instantly dislikes. He’s short-tempered and violent and enjoys a brawl. But he has also done a number of favors for the Meiji government.



Another lecher – only younger. He constantly asks women to bear his child, even in front of Sango. Even Kagome doesn’t escape his perverse nature. He’s a monk who’s always willing to help, though. And, well, he asks women politely.


Yusuke Urameshi

He’s a young thug and has become a common mischief in his place. He probably got it from his demon father. He has killed lots of demons as a reikai tantei. Being a reikai tantei though means he was chosen by the heavens to investigate supernatural occurrences.


Lelouch Lamperouge

He used his Geass to start a war against his father. He had used lots of individuals for his revenge. He had lots of people killed, including loved ones, to further his cause. All of this, he did to make the world a better place for his sister.


Haruhi Suzumiya

Obnoxious and tactless, her dislike for humans and love for the supernatural is confusing us. How would she think of Santa? Human or not? Will she like him or not?


Faye Valentine

She has the largest medical debt in history and for that she turned to bounty-hunting. Well, it doesn’t really help. It only makes her bills bigger. She’s a money-grubber, scheming and selfish. But she cares for the Bebop crew even if she doesn’t say it.



He constantly hounds for power and seems to take interest in Gon. He never hesitates when killing and seems demented. Yet, it was he who helped Kurapika in his revenge for the Kuruta tribe.


Ryoko Hakubi

She’s a space pirate who appeared before Tenchi to destroy his teenage years. She’s hot-tempered and possesses power that is considered dangerous. She summons “demons.” However, she can also be emotional and gullible.


Souichiro Nagi

He lives to beat people up. He’s obsessed with fighting and is proud of it. He went to Todo Academy to prove his strength. However, he also believes that that fighting doesn’t resolve anything and as he falls for Maya, he’s starting to mature and become more like a leader.


Tsukiko Sagi

She put the investigators on a wild-goose chase finding out the truth behind Shounen Bat when it was her doing all those time. In the end, it was also her fault that the city was ruined. But she did make the cute Maromi and made lots of people happy.


These are just some of animedom’s mischievous characters. There are lots more. And Santa is willing to hear their story and consider them in his list.

So who else do you think should get into Santa’s list this year?