Name: Kurau Amami

Anime: Kurau Phantom Memory

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Hair: Black

Eye: Blue

Seiyuu: Ayako Kawasumi

Abilities: Flight, pass through solid objects, amazing strength and agility

Kurau used to be a cheerful young girl who lives with her father and their housekeeper Ella until a freak accident that resulted in a new individual born inside her, taking over her.


On her 12th birthday, Dr. Hajime Amami, her scientist-father, brought her to his laboratory to see them experiment with a form of alternative energy they call Rynax. The experiment failed and she was struck by the Rynax energy, knocking her out, and by the time she wakes up, a new being has taken over her body.

It is then realized that the Rynax is not a form of energy but a life form that could have killed Kurau and itself upon contact with each other. Yet, Kurau was very fortunate that her body and the Rynax had formed a symbiotic relationship.

Rynax made her capable of superhuman abilities.

But this also made her a lab rat for the scientists working with Rynax energy and in ten years had been the reason why she had to live away from her father. She is pursued by the police force, believing that she is a threat to the world.


Ten years after her contact with Rynax, another being – the Rynax’ pair – emerged from her body. It was a girl who looks like Kurau 12 years ago and was given the name Christmas. Kurau swore to protect Christmas as well as the body of the original Kurau.