Christmas Anime Bazaar ’08!


This isn’t your typical bazaar.


What we have for you, dear customers, are products that you won’t see anywhere else. Products that are integral parts of your beloved anime, they shouldn’t even be for sale.

So get your credit cards pumped up and be the first if not the only one to own the following anime merchandise:


Porcelain Pelican (Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)

ceramic pelican-abenobashi

This pelican is the remaining artifact out of four that used to maintain the balance of things in the Abenobashi Shopping District. Put this on top of your house pointing its beak to the east. Then with a little bit of imagination, and some guilt from almost killing an old man, you may be able to travel to different dimensions where nothing is what it seems.

~ Some chantings required and is available separately.

Genius Eyeglasses (Love Hina)


Naru Narusegawa used to wear this during the Toudai preparatory exam. Use it to pass any hard exam that comes your way. Taking exams will never be the same!

~ You could also use it to hypnotize so use with caution.

Chiyo-chan’s hair buns (Azumanga Daioh)

chiyos pigtails

Use it to become the cutest girl (or boy) in your area. And to show everyone just how cute you have become, use it to fly around the neighborhood!

It’s detachable and washing machine-safe.

~ Comes with a free penguin costume for the first 10 callers!

Neuro clips (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

neuro clips

It’s stylish and determines the level of your intelligence and sanity. Also perfect as mobile telecommunication device.

~ Comes with a How-to-be-as-disturbed-as-Ikari pamphlet.

Hare Hare Yukai Complete Dance Instructions (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)


With dance steps never before seen on any TMOHS media and Haruhi in a bunny suit as your personal instructor.

~ Free bunny suit.

Zero’s Mask (Code Geass)

zero mask

Start a revolution with this stylish  mask specially made for people with geass. Use it to control your enemy and rise your way to greatness.

~ Awaken Your Inner Geass book by award-winning author C.C. available separately.

Cephiro’s Pillar Title (Magic Knight Rayearth)

cephiro pillar

No need to be somebody important to be the next pillar of Cephiro! Just sign our magical contract and you can start praying for the world’s well-being.

~ Caution: You must not fall in love.

Cardcaptor’s costume (Cardcaptor Sakura)

cardcaptor costume

Overly designed and overused Carpcaptor battle costumes for sale. 50% off! Use it for cosplays and to capture Clow Cards.

~ Comes with Create your own Clow Card instruction manual.

Rynax (Kurau Phantom Memory)


Fly like birds and walk through walls with this amazing scientific discovery!

Just take it in and you’re off to becoming a whole new you!

~ A completely ‘new you’ may surface so use with caution!

Kobato’s Doll Ioryogi (Kobato)

kobato ioryogi

Use it as a punching bag, or added stuffing for your pillows. Very comfortable and soft.

~ May annoy you or bite.

Shounen Bat’s Bat (Paranoia Agent)

shonen bat

Strike fear into the hearts of the entire neighborhood with this beautifully crafted bat. Prepare to drive the community madly paranoid over you.

~ Comes with free cap and rollerblades.

Dragon Whiskers (Ranma 1/2)

dragon whisker

Have the long healthy hair you’ve been dreaming of with this Chinese artifact.

Just boil it with your soup and start growing those locks!

~ Strictly for women.

Mokona Modoki (Tsubasa Chronicle / xxxHolic)


Travel dimensions and take home the biggest souvenirs with ease with these Mokona combo. Use it as communication device between dimensions.

~ May annoy you.

Tenchi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo)

tenchi masaki

Kick him, toss him. The perfect stress reliever. Store him away when you have no need for Tenchi.

~ Also available: Keitaro Urashima.


Go ahead and fill your need for anime stuff this Christmas. You deserve it, dear otaku!

Merry Christmas in 3 days! ! !