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yuuko ichihara

Fans of CLAMP crossovers Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHolic are very much aware that Witch of Dimensions Yuuko Ichihara drives a hard bargain. Only the most valuable possession for the most extraordinary service from no less than one of the most powerful beings in the entire CLAMP universe.

Yuuko is very quick to identify what a customer needs and what payment shall be made, even way before the customer reaches the front door of her odd-looking shop. And as any business would go, Yuuko is more concerned with bringing the customer and herself satisfaction over a great sell, and less about going into the details of any repercussions the transaction would create. She’d rather keep the future to herself.

So, in need of something that Yuuko might be able to grant? Try to consider reading up on the following bargains the CLAMP witch has done first though and what her customers has to say before you scour the city looking for her shop.

kimihiro watanuki

Kimihiro Watanuki

Supernatural things used to hound me and I wished for all of it to disappear. My coming to Yuuko’s shop was an accident but she was able to help me. However that businesswoman took my watch and made we work there. A lot has happened since then and her shop has been very helpful to my needs. I think I also paid for searching the location of the real Sakura, but I don’t know if it’s true or what the price was.

kunogi himawari

Kunogi Himawari

When Watanuki had a terrible accident, I blamed myself for it. I learned that I have a strange power to cause bad luck to
other people and I wished for it to disappear. Now, I’m okay with Watanuki and I even got a cute pet bird from Yuuko.

shizuka doumeki

Shizuka Doumeki

Yuuko once told me I have no need for her shop and so I couldn’t see it. But after Watanuki’s accident, I wished to replace that idiot’s blood with my own. If he dies, no one will cook food for me anymore.

kohane tsuyuri

Kohane Tsuyuri

I used to have exorcising abilities but it only gave my mama heartaches. So I wished for my strange power to leave me in
exchange for a better life for my mother.

clone syaoran


I arrived in Yuuko’s shop with Sakura-hime and wished to travel dimensions to retrieve her memories. However, the
consequence for such a big wish is Sakura-hime’s relationship with me. She will never remember anything we have shared in
the past. Though it doesn’t matter anymore. Sakura-hime and I have learned that we are mere copies. Now Sakura-hime is gone
and I guess the original Sakura don’t know who I am as well. Thus the payment for my wish.



While in Infinity Country, I foresaw a tragedy between Syaoran and Fay. I didn’t allow it to happen so I asked Yuuko to
take away my “immense luck” so I could alter the events. The consequences could be fatal but I after learning who
I really am, I believe I did the right thing.

fay d flourite

Fay D. Flourite

To travel to different dimensions and escape King Ashura, I had to exchange the tattoo on my back. To replace Kuro-chan’s
arm that he cut off back in Celes Country, I gave up my remaining magic and asked Yuuko for a false arm. Good thing I can live from Kurogane’s blood lest I would’ve been dead already.



I desperately needed to go back to Nihon Country to settle things with Tomoyo-hime who brought me into Yuuko’s shop
against my will. The witch took my sword Ginryuu so I could travel with Syaoran and Sakura and that pesky wizard.
I don’t want to have any transaction with that Dimension witch anymore.



I have a power to see the future and I gave it up to transport everyone from Celes Country to Nihon Country safely.

watanuki family

Sakura Kinomoto

When I had a vision of a girl from another dimension who needed saving, I asked my son Syaoran to go to Yuuko to travel
and save that girl. I had to give up my Star staff as payment.

"syaoran" li

“Syaoran” Li

When I failed to save Sakura-hime the first time, I went back to Clow Country where Fei Wong Reed held me in captivity. My
relationship to Sakura became payment for my travel to meet my clone (and was already paid by my clone);
my freedom and time as a prisoner then had become payment to save Watanuki after a terrible accident.