Check Your Passport: 10 Anime Destinations



Pull out your GPS; take out a map; and hope you didn’t forget to bring your camera. We’re cruising down animedom to list down top places to visit for the otaku traveler.

10 Tokyo-3

Tokyo-3 is located in Hakone and holds the world’s only line of defense against Angels. It’s a unique city with buildings that retract into the ground for safety.

Get to see the EVAs in action and destroy the enemy – but only if you’re brave enough to go outside during the commotion. Other buildings in this city serve as launch ports and weapons caches. Survive an Angel attack and get rewarded with the most breathtaking scene of buildings “growing” from the ground.

But that’s just the surface of Tokyo 3. Underneath it all is the spherical cavern called GeoFront, a landscape that is believed to have existed even before the birth of Tokyo 3. Nerv headquarters can be found here.

09 Piffle World

It’s a futuristic country with a highly advanced technology. Skyscrapers of varying shapes will sure strike you with awe and the only way to enjoy the sight is to ride a dragonfly, a futuristic flying vehicle that looks like a car with wings.

You could also try to enter the Dragonfly Race supported by the Piffle Princess Company.

08 Jusenkyo

Wanna hone your martial arts skills? Hidden in the Chinese forest is the training ground of Jusenkyo.

Train in its tall bamboo poles that stand in the middle of numerous springs. But make sure to have a tourist guide with you. And make sure not to fall in any of the springs lest you want to be cursed with any of the things that fell on each spring hundred of years ago. Learn more about Jusenkyo’s cursed springs  here.

07 Cephiro

Cephiro is a world guided by the prayers of its pillar. It is an enchanted place where humans and supernatural creatures live in harmony. Magic is widely observed here.

Go to the Forest of Silence and experience a day with cute animals or try to visit the temples of the Rune Gods. Celes’ is underneath the ocean; Windam’s is atop a rock formation in the sky; and Rayearth’s is inside a volcano.

You could also take a look at the castle where you might meet the pillar.

06 Konoha

You’ll be greeted by giant faces of the Four Great Hokage engraved in a rock formation overlooking the village.

Learn how to be a great ninja in this place. Take the yearly ninja exams in the Forest of Death. Visit Naruto’s favorite place: the Ichiraku Ramen Bar.

This place is hidden in the Land of Fire so you might want to check your map.

05 Yuuko's Shop

The owner of this small shop, The Witch of Dimensions, holds a variety of very unusual treasures. The shop’s customers’ most valuable possessions can be seen here.

If you have a desire of your own, you could sell you own possessions to her as well. Unfortunately, the shop is open only to those who are terribly in need of her help.

But to make your search for this invisible shop easier, try looking for an empty lot with old fence posts amidst tall buildings. Most likely, the shop is located there.

04 Hinata Inn

Guys, please be reminded that Hinata Inn has been turned into an all-girls dormitory.

Once an inn, Hinata Inn has a very inviting feel to it. It is located atop a hill overlooking  a village and a huge body of water.

The place has a hot spring for customers to feel warm and fresh. Outside, you could take a stroll on the lovely street or visit Haruka’s Tea House. There is a small park in this place where a promise between two kids were once born.

03 Yubaba's Bath HouseBath house business always prove to be good business and Yubaba’s Bath House is no exception.

Just before the end of each day, the place is packed with customers coming from just about every direction. The place is on a festive mood every night.

You may want to stroll down the streets and amaze your eyes, but try your best not to touch or eat anything or worse, stay until dusk.

There’s a very good reason why Yubaba’s Bath House opens only during nightime and you wouldn’t want to be a pig or worse, disappear before YOUR very eyes before you realize what that reason is.

02 CLAMP School

CLAMP School is a self-sufficient place housing over 10,000 people – students and their families.Only talented students can enroll in this exclusive school that has the size and resource of a small city.

When you visit, try the Zoo or the amusement center for some entertainment; or eat at the Dukylon Bakery, or perhaps visit their old clock tower. While you’re at it, you may want to meet the famous CLAMP School Detectives or if you’re lucky enough, you may get the chance to ride their Penguin Air Balloon.

01 Gaea

If you have the will and is lucky enough to find an energist, then you could definitely visit Gaea. It’s a world that is like and unlike the Earth.

It is located outside Earth although no one can see it. Earth, on the other hand can be seen in Gaea and is called the Mystic Moon.

In Gaea, certain places may remind you of cities on Earth. In fact, Gaea is born out of the wishes of the people of Atlantis for a place where none of their mistakes will happen.

You may want to take a trip to Fanelia and meet the Prince believed to be a descendant of the Atlanteans and possesses wings. See real dragons and energist mines.

You can also visit the Zaibach Empire where the Emperor Dornkirk, believed to be an earthling, reigns. But if you don’t have an energist, you could still learn more about Gaea here.


So that’s it! Go pack your bags and plan your next trip on any of these anime destinations. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs!