‘Dem Devilishly Beautiful Villains


Roy is dead!

Evil is Beautiful

This is by no means an endorsement to lean closer to the dark side. Though, truthfully, evil usually do lurk in the most beautiful of forms. It’s a way to entice the unsuspecting, for beauty is always seen as a positive thing, a good thing. Something that will bring happiness.

Evil in its most beautiful is seen no less in the world of anime. The antagonists, the cold-blooded killers, the unemotional souls that walk passed the protagonist to cause a stir. Not only are they blessed with striking beauty, they are also cunning, witty, and determined.

In some cases, it is the antagonists that get more attention than the innocent, naive protagonists.  They gain their own fans who swoon over their ability to make the lives of anyone who opposes them a living hell yet not forgetting to look their wicked best.

From the Feudal Period to the olden days of the Meiji era and straight to the modern days of alchemy and warfare and even throughout the far reaches of the galaxy, we count down the most sinfully beautiful evil forms in animedom. Get ready to fire up like hell!

10. Yumi Komagata (Rurouni Kenshin)


She is beautiful, intelligent, well-cultured and dignified. Her voice and eyes are enough to drive a man crazy.

Yet Yumi is not all bad. She is very much capable of caring just like what she does to Shishio. She loved him till the end. Her passion for one of the Japan’s most notorious man has enough fire to keep hell burning. In fact, if not for her siding with the bad guys, she wouldn’t be in this list.

And admit it, no one dresses up in a kimono as sexy as Yumi. What else could be expected from one of the best courtesan in the Meiji era?

09. Aoshi Shinomori (Rurouni Kenshin)


The cool and expression-less leader of the Oniwabanshuu would rather let his kodachi talk.

That composure alone makes Aoshi mysteriously beautiful. His intelligence is obvious in his silence. He is quick to think and act and although seemingly unemotional, he cares for his team members so much that he’s willing to give his own life for them. And him not saying that fact outright is what makes people love him. Of course, his striking good looks, upon which Kenshin Himura’s doesn’t even win against, is also a huge factor for making him lovable.

08. Seishiro Sakurazuka (Tokyo Babylon / X1999)


It must be the eyeglasses. Or the wavy hairset. Or the broad shoulders. Or perhaps it’s his hints of sexual perversion over his young onmyoji friend that makes Seishiro lusftfully beautiful.

Being a sakurazukamori, his mission was to kill the heir to the Sumeragi clan. So he befriended the young Subaru. Not surprisingly, the  onmyoji fell in love with his “good” side. Perhaps it was the mystery of his true colors that made people swoon over this powerful assassin.

07. Kikyo (InuYasha)


She may not be as evil as all the other monsters in InuYasha, but being a member of the dark side is what made her get to this list.

Kikyo retained her quiet but all-knowing demeanor in her reincarnated form. This time, however, she doesn’t fight on InuYasha’s side. Well, sometimes she does. Which is what brings InuYasha fans mixed feelings towards her. Yet one thing was definitely making fans agree – she’s one bad-ass priestess. Her stern looks gives goosebumps. Her long black hair stands out in her white robe. Best of all, she uses her sexyness to her advantage as she plays with InuYasha and Naraku‘s feelings for her.

06. Knives (Trigun)


As a young sentient, Knives had a different look compared to his twin Vash. His was tougher and more brash. When he had grown, it was no surprise that he turned out to be a villain. But what a beautiful villain he turned out to be. His clothes successfully show his muscular build. His blue eyes stand out with his spikey, sand-colored short hair. And deep within those eyes is the longing for the love that was spared from him as a kid or perhaps just the symbol of a true-blue, cold-blooded human-hater.

05. Sloth (Fullmetal Alchemist)


She has an unmistakable gothic air in her whenever she dresses up as a homunculus. And that is what makes her very sexy. Add to that, her brown hair that waves gently along her back and the tattoo on her left chest. She’s as calm as deep water, a personality that goes well with her homunculus ability to change into liquid. She may be one of the bad guys, but being a failed attempt to bring Trisha Elric back, she retains the dead woman’s motherly affection.

04.Kuroro Lucifer (Hunter X Hunter)


When Kuroro lets his shiny black hair down, covers a cloth over his forehead and dresses up casual, one would never suspect him as a  leader of a group of bandits. He would easily come off as a good-looking and intelligent young man.

But as soon as he throws his hair back, showing a beautiful tattoo on his forehead and dresses up in his suave trench coat, he reveals himself as a powerful Nen-user and definitely a force to be reckoned with.

For a bad guy, his face comes off as kind and charismatic. Look at his big black eyes and it’s easy to feel the mysteries about him that he wouldn’t share.

03. Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)


Everybody loves a man who can wield his sword. Add to that a suit and stoic personality and you’ve got…Aoshi? No, much better…Vicious.

Who wouldn’t get drawn by his shoulder-length silver hair and devilish smile? Vicious lives up to his name. He is ruthless, bloodthirsty and ambitious. He is depicted as a venomous snake and is willing to do anything to gain power.

How good is he in using his katana? He could fight even gun-wielding foes. And what about the big bird on his shoulder? He uses it as a weapon and distraction to his enemies.

Swords and birds…hmmm…

02. Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist)


The first thing that will grab anyone’s attention upon seeing Lust is… the tattoo on her chest. No?

Lust is the most beautiful homunculus in existence. She lives up to her name but is by no means a s*** (rearrange the word “lust”). If she doesn’t like a person she could and would easily dispose it with her deadly nails. Talk about the power of a beautiful woman!

Lust has all the things that men (or women who act like men) crave for – sexy lips, long, wavy hair, striking eyes, and a gorgeous body! Who cares about her dark past? If evil is this beautiful, then it’s good to be evil!

And the number 01, the most beautiful manifestation of evil resides in the body of…

01. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)


Young and deadly, Lelouch is the epitomy of evil! Sure, he is the lead character in Code Geass but he’s such a villain after killing almost all of the Britannians in Area 11.

When he’s being a student in Ashford Academy, he looks very stylish in his school uniform or  his cool red jacket and tight-fitting pants. As the hero of the revolution, Zero, he wears a tight-fitting outfit and the coolest mask one would ever see.

His personality reeks of the royal blood in him. He’s cold, ambitious, and hides his crimes behind a dream for his little sister to be in a peaceful world. No one is as evil and equally beautiful as Lelouch.


There they are. 10 most beautiful forms of evil in anime. Do I hear a need for more? Below are the runners-up. Wickedly beautiful, but not quite enough.