Rest In Peace: Anime’s Dearly Departed


death is beautiful

The inevitability of death. Even anime, who’s meant to entertain its audience, expresses and explores the concept of mortality together with the emotions that subsequently follow. Perhaps a way to make the experience closer to reality. A character may be just a plain sketch. But for a fan, an anime character is much more. They’re mentors, sweet rivals, or close friends. Any painful feelings brought about by their demise are true.

So let’s look back at those anime characters that once taught us to value life a little more. Which ones did you shed tears for?


He loves to drink, travel, and sleep with girls. Very improper for a priest. But who says there’s anything normal in the world of Trigun? Despite his facade however, Wolfwood is a man with deep understanding of life. He holds great value for family and would go ballistic at the thought of a kid getting hurt. He travels to collect donations for the orphanage where he was raised by a man called Chapel the Evergreen, and not without his “burden” – a huge cross that no one should learn more about. His past is something that he minds other people to know. He lives for the present and for the ophan kids.


Cephiro used to be a world where humans and monsters lived harmoniously. Princess Emeraude was chosen to be the Pillar and the world’s health rested upon the condition in her heart. She was expected to devote her whole being to Cephiro. However, being a human herself, her heart can never be swayed from the strongest emotion of all. Therefore, everything started to complicate itself when he heart began to fall in love.


He never cared about getting any promotion as a lieutenant, he just wanted to be happy supporting his family. He likes to have fun and compared to his comrades, holds a more positive outlook in life. He always carried pictures of his family, especially his daughter and loves to show them all to his co-workers. A family man who loves to spread the good feeling to everyone whom he comes into contact.


Kikyo used to love InuYasha with all her life. And even after being reincarnated, there was no one else for her to love but the dog-demon. As a demon herself, she still helped people who needed her priestly assistance. She seemed to know what Naraku‘s plans were and would try her best to do something against it. Sure, at some point she tried to kill Kagome, but she understands that she has a different path laid out for her. She may have been a villain to some,  but she was clearly intent on bringing Naraku down.


The Third Hokage is known for his wisdom and kindness. He was the one who saw that Naruto was more than just a container for the demon fox. He likes to end things peacefully and would do anything to avoid bloodshed with anyone. However, this old man still has a lecherous side, and once ended up swooning over Naruto’s Sexy Technique. He also likes talking  to young girls.


Before turning into a double-agent for Gendo Ikari and the Department of Interior, Kaji lived as an orphan. He betrayed his friends and brother who were killed by the JSDF and was since then plagued by guilt. In college, he met Misato and fell in love with her though their love didn’t last long. When he came back to Japan from Germany, he brought the hell out of the now-respected Captain Misato. He simply loved making her blush and explode in embarrassment as he reminds her of their very steamy past.


Despite the life-changing accident she encountered at a tender age, she was able to live as normally as other people. Then she met Ryoji Kaji and everything went…well, let’s just leave it. Just imagine how she reacts whenever Kaji mentions even the slightest hint of the past  with her. Being with Shinji and Asuka (and yes, even Kaji) Misato was able to see life in a different light, despite the weight of her past being too heavy. She continues to smile and make light of everything.



Euphie has been a delicate soul ever since and she despises conflict. She met Suzaku Kururugi in the most unusual of situations and has since then took the heart of the Britannian soldier. She is overwhelmingly positive and holds the same view in life as that of Suzaku. When she reunited with her sister Cornelia in Area 11, she decided to form the Special Administrative Zone of Japan.


He likes to hang around in the Bebop, slacking away in front of the TV looking for bounties in the TV program “Big Shot”. He is very laid-back but nonetheless very skillful in handling a gun and Jeet Kune Do. He owns a cool ship named Sword Fish, which he uses to fly even in space. Though he may never admit to calling the rest of the Bebop his family, he nevertheless cares for them.


He used to have a twin sister and when she died, he started wearing female clothings to honor her death. No one knew about his big secret until he met Miaka and he became a Suzaku shichiseishi. Nuriko has since then become the funny one in the group who likes to use his charm and beauty much to the Suzaku no Miko’s disdain. Nevertheless, Nuriko proved to be faithful in his mission to protect the Miko and even went on to cut his braid – a symbol of his past – to gain more respect from his peers. Not that anyone would do him bad, lest they want to suffer from this shichiseishi’s herculean


Surprisingly (or shouldn’t it be), there are a number of anime characters that audiences wouldn’t mind dying. Annoying or a source of pain these characters may be, we wouldn’t know. Everyone has their own opinions why they want to kill off the following anime characters:


…and then there’s that annoying pokemon called Psyduck.


Now that one I would love to see dead ^ ^;

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