Gender Bending At Its Most Twisted



If only Genma Saotome and his son Ranma had more working brain cells than pumping testosterone and listened to their Jusenkyo guide first rather than jumping and training at the first sight of the pools of Jusenkyo, then every thing could have been fine.

No more trouble with water; no more trouble with most of the people that they had to contend with the moment they got back to Japan. More importantly, there could have been no trouble with Nodoka for Genma and with Akane for Ranma.

Most of the Ranmaverse (that’s Ranma universe) could have lived a simpler life.

But then again, if not for the (pardon the word) stupid mishap in Jusenkyo, none of us would’ve ever witnessed one of the most hilarious anime of all time.

Ranma 1/2, the story of the boy who turns in to a girl when doused with water had become a classic and holds a great position in comedy anime. It started the concept of gender-bending stories but with a completely new twist.


It’s so original and is the only one of its kind. No other anime has been able to copy some of the original concepts in Ranma 1/2 such as the martial artist who never fails to be the best in every form of duel imaginable or the love polygon that probably made all fans dizzy.


And then there’s the romance between Akane and Ranma. Yes, there is romance between those two fighting lovebirds. No other anime was able to show how much love and hate share a commonality. “The more you hate, the more you love” as the song says. Ranma and Akane had been at each others throats for the longest time but at the same time cared for each other like they only have each other. Fans are screaming for them to just say their true feelings outright and in front of the other.

For almost 150 episodes, this love denial ran like the longest marathon ever only to end up without a finish line. Ranma 1/2 was one of those anime that took too long to air but didn’t end. Perhaps another thing that sets it apart from others.

This was when fans learned how Rumiko Takahashi, its creator, favors open-endings for her stories, the Ranma ½ manga not exempt from it.

Here in the Philippines, unfortunately, Ranma 1/2 anime was never shown in its entirety. It started out in English dub around the mid-90’s but was canceled. It came back on air years after and in Filipino dub but was again pulled out. Despite it all however, the popularity of this anime did not falter.

In a sense, it was the only duel that Ranma lost.

But who knows. There could be a possibility for this brilliant anime to be shown again. There’s a whole new generation of anime fans out there who wouldn’t mind being served with one deliciously funny anime.