Look Up to the Sky: A Hope for Sola to Reach Pinoy Audience



A story nowadays becomes more interesting with complex storylines and plot twists. Most especially in anime – where anything is possible – going complex is a way to buy audience attention away from competitors. And competition in anime is as fierce as the action scenes we all see in it (not literally though).

When it comes to anime that revolves around the supernatural, one could easily surmise that it would be spiced up with a deep story paired with a not-so-simple plot. This is what most anime have in common these days.

And perhaps this outlook in such anime genre is what rose the anime Sola to the top of the otaku favorites list. But bear in mind though that Sola didn’t do as other’s anime have done. Sola went a little on the opposite end.

When everyone else was swimming in wide, deep-running river, Sola chose to be in a narrow and shallow pond but straight into the hearts of many.

Sola is touted as the best anime of two years back. And as a way to convince the local networks to bring this anime to this country, here are four wonderful (like clouds on a blue sky) reasons why Sola deserves to win the hearts of our local otakus.


1. Short and straightforward

The good thing about anime with 13 episodes is that there is small or even no space for filler episodes. Sola begins and ends the its run with no episode that veers away from the storyline.
Sola begins interestingly with the introduction of Yorito’s hobby which becomes a crucial part of the story. Then he meets Matsuri and his life is never the same. In the end, the characters meet and face the image of the said hobby and the memories that once came with it.
Sola may be a very short anime, but it sure lasts longer in one’s memory.

2. Simple but meaningful

As mentioned above, Sola doesn’t have the complex stories normally found in anime. It sends out its very strong meaning without the sharp zig zags and swirls of the plot twist. Every character interaction is important to the flow of this very short series.
Even the animation is very simple and may even come off as unappealing. Yet, knowing the character deeper, learning about the things they’ve gone through, one gets a clear view of the beauty of Sola’s simple story. Do not be fooled by its utter simplicity.


3. A treat for sky lovers

Notice how Sola sounds like the Japanese word “sora” for sky? The sky is probably the second most important part of the story. For sky lovers and even those who don’t pay a lot of attention to the big blue above, Sola provides a lot of sky images – from sunrise to sunset and sunny, overcast or rainy.
Even if the sky doesn’t show up, the underside of Matsuri’s umbrella gives a warm treat.

4. A lovely main protagonist

Though lovely and gentle, Sola’s main protagonist Matsuri has held the worst curse any human could ever have. She knows the meaning of being alone more than anyone else. But when she meets Yorito and Aono, she becomes more lonely than ever.
Despite that, Matsuri has a cheerful personality that contrasts her true identity. Having survived life for the longest time, she has a brave and determined personality. Yet uncovering her deepness uncovers a vulnerable side that longs for warm company.
Plus, its fun to see her kick the vending machine to get her tomato juice.


Still not enough reason?

Okay… See that dark figure in front of you? That’s Matsuri. And she’s more than ready to kick you like a vending machine to get an approval.