Remember the Ultimate Quest!



No one was ready for what anime revolution of nine years ago was about to dish out to pinoy anime fans. So when the pages of the country’s first anime magazine was published, everyone doubted it would ever be a success.

Alongside the growing number of anime fans, Questor Magazine was born to bring about a wanted change in the lifestyle of dear otakus.

Being the first anime magazine in the country, Questor was loved by many, especially when it came out with a very reasonable price. Hey, times were tough even then. I, for one, who still wasn’t in college at the time, had to make a deal with my parent to do them a big favor just so I could get an issue of Questor. Though quite unfortunate, I wasn’t able to grab a copy of the maiden and second issue. I guess Questor was “that” hot at the time.

So this series of revisiting the pages of Questor Magazine will start off with Volume 01 Issue Number 03.

The uber-cool image of Vash the Stampede on the cover is enough to catch anyone’s attention. The time this issue came out, Trigun was also ruling the boob tube. So was Tenkuu no Escaflowne in its English -dub version.


Inside the magazine, Editor-In-Chief Bambi Eloriaga talked about how some local channels were not giving justice to the anime they air. The awful dubbing, sanitizing and “kiddifying” of some shows and cutting or completely editing of the opening and ending scenes were noticeable things that made the otaku community cringe.

With the anime community continually expanding, it was a call for otakus to stop watching anime aired on local TV should they feel insulted and turned off by the local channels’ treatment of their beloved anime.


As the issue’s first Feature Article, Trigun was introduced together with some spoilers on the show’s plot and future characters. It was a storytelling of the beginning of the entire story of Trigun that was to come in future episodes.


On the contrary, the next Feature Article for Tenkuu no Escaflowne was a retelling of the adventures of the heroine in the series. It was complemented by a profile of the major characters in the series, except Hitomi Kanzaki (which is a big question in my head). The magazine’s visual artist provided very cute super-deformed drawings and as treat to karaoke lovers, lyrics to the opening and ending theme were provided.

Other articles included an interview with a leading game developer in Japan, anime’s cute creatures, and a collection of Japanese Folklore figures.


Some regular section that would be present in the future issues of Questor were Thought Balloons (where Inuyasha the manga was featured); AudioFiles (with a review of the Escaflowne: Lovers Only CD); On Deck (all about TCGs); Chain Mail, Anime Continuum, Watashi-Tachi, and Anime 101.

Watashi-Tachi featured Questor staff members and started with the Editor-In-Chief. But don’t expect to get the best information about them. This one’s put there to make the reader laugh.

Anime 101 as the name implied was a section to learn more about anime through questions that fans would ask through e-mail.


And then there was the fan-favorite Doujin Drawing Board where fanarts were published. A showcase of talent for drawing and love for anime.

Questor Vol 01 No 03 was a blast of adventure from one world to another with all the anime information and lifestyle in between.

Here is a video I did for Questor: