A Couple of Love



How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

For most of us who grew up watching anime, it’s safe we to say we learned a lot about the mysterious concept of love through 2d characters. Thanks to shoujo anime, we were introduced to the funny or sad but definitely romantic situations between two individuals that end up celebrating the wonderful feeling of loving and being loved. But there were also other anime genres that provided us with the same set of hearts and situations.

For some of us, we may have even felt the first feelings of affection over an anime character and not on a real person. Why? Perhaps because anime characters are not just stand-out good-looking but they also hold personalities that we might not easily see on a real person; more importantly, an anime character loves unconditionally. They breathe and live only for the one character they were created for.

Anime couples have shown us time and time again how love always triumphs in the end. They’ve taught us lessons of love in different ways but always with the same result.

For each generation, there is an anime couple sure to make one feel the magic that is love. But for this article, we took the time to think of the couples that have stood out through the years and perhaps even the years to come. They may be lovely or cute but just the same, these were the couples that have proven how the value of another person can be such a wonderful thing.


Cute: Haruhi Suzumiya and Kyon

Sure they haven’t shown their affection for each other as strongly as others; sure they’ve never shown said affection in public. But for someone who believes in the mysterious and the supernatural, is it not possible that they were meant for each other the first day they met and conversed with each other? For someone like Haruhi who has admitted to not liking humans but choosing Kyon – a human – to be with her, couldn’t it be surmised that Kyon is very, very special? And hey, Kyon has confessed his feelings for Haruhi through a kiss. Isn’t that the most powerful display of affection (yet the hardest to do)?

How do these two fare in the love meter?


Haruhi still needs to work on admitting her feelings and the two still has to show their affection in public .



Lovely: Spike Spiegel and Julia

Their love was short-lived. Sure, Spike may have stolen Julia from Vicious. But had he not, there wouldn’t have been a couple who would’ve made death look so lovely. Julia had proven her affection for Spike by not showing up to him when Vicious threatened her to do so. This couple knew that meeting each other would mean the other’s death. But they’d rather fight together and die together than never see each other even for the slightest moment.

How do these two measure up on our love meter?


These two were more than ready to face death together.



Cute: Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi

Time and space gave way for these two to meet. How can you get any more romantic than that? The short-lived bond between a dog-demon and a priestess in the feudal era, coupled by the power of the Shikon Jewel was strong enough to connect two lives from two different time. But was it worth the travel for Kagome? Was it worth for Inuyasha to wake up from his 50-year slumber only to find that Kagome is no Kikyo? When Kagome decided to stay in the feudal era with the one she loves, they both found an answer to their questions.

How do these two fare in our love meter?


Inuyasha still needs to forget Kikyo and Kagome must try not constantly force Inuyasha to “sit down”.



Lovely: Van Fanel and Hitomi Kanzaki

This couple proves that the power of will is the strongest of all. Their love connects their worlds together and creates a pillar of light that defies sense and reason. Since the beginning the tarot cards have clearly shown the man Hitomi would meet and she has since fallen for the man in her vision. She may have only recognized the mutual bond between her and Van when she was close to the end of her journey, but having spent most of her time with Van was enough to keep a love from burning, even after coming back to her own world.

So, how do these lovers measure up on the love meter?


Your love is so strong, it travels all the way to the moon and back. And it happens while you’re in different worlds. Imagine if you two were together…


kenshin himura and kaoru kamiya

Cute: Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya

They’ve been through thick and thin and all the dramas that Kenshin brought with him from his dark past. They’ve fought their way to a better future and through a past love that could’ve have possibly torn them apart. Kenshin and Kaoru found a strong shoulder for each other to lean on. They may often show it in a manner too comical and unserious for others, but leave them alone and they could be as true to each other as wind to a cloud.

How are our samurai lovers on our love meter?


Not much passion. Try diverging your passion for kendo onto your passion for each other.


chii-and-hideki motosuwa

Lovely: Chii and Hideki

Sure this love might not get farther with Chii’s condition being an artificial. But who are we to deny them of a love that is so true that they are willing to suppress their emotions from overflowing which might result with them doing the deed. How cruel (poor Hideki). Yet one could look at their situation as a measure to a true and unconditional love. No strings attached for the love of these two individuals.

How is the persocom and the pervert in the love meter?


This is true love. If it ain’t then I don’t know what is.




Cute: Syaoran and Sakura (CCS and TRC)

Whether as youngsters in love in CCS or as teens/adults in TRC, Sakura and Syaoran proves that a person is intended for someone. There is a special someone for everyone, even across dimensions. The same mutual understanding and cute displays of affection can be seen from both Sakura and Syaoran couples. Too sweet for some but sweet enough for anime.

How are the two sets of Sakua-Syaoran?


Dimensions are no obstacles to two souls that belong to each other. But you’re still young to show much love for each other.


usagi tsukino-and-mamoru chiba

Lovely: Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba

The love of these two go far back to a past when people from Earth and the inhabitants of the Moon lived peacefully together. For two immortal beings, their undying love is perfect. All the threats of enemy alien lifeforms to take over the planet are no match for the love they have not just for each other but also for all the inhabitants of the place Usagi has learned to love.

How are these two in our love meter?


Despite the overflowing love for each other, you two still have trust issues.


keitaro urashima and naru narusegawa

Cute: Keitaro Urashima and Naru Narusegawa

One has never love until he’s felt pain. If that’s the case, then has Keitaro felt all the love from Naru with all the gut-wrenching pain he’s received from just about every part of her body that can be used for defense? For a love to last long, one must endure all the pain that comes with it. It seems, that’s just exactly what Keitaro’s doing. Naru understands that and starts to hit Keitaro with all the love she can pack in a punch.

So, how are the Toudai lovers doing in our love meter?


Naru needs to confess her feelings but more importantly stop hurting Keitaro.


miaka yuuki-and-tamahome

Lovely: Miaka Yuuki and Tamahome

What would take these two lovers apart? The wrath of a best friend who shares the same love for the guy? A lover of the said best friend who couldn’t handle pain well? An entire empire hell-bent on destroying a nation? The affection of another man? The affection of a gay-guy? It seems, nothing would ever separate the two lovers. Not even time and space or the hard cover of an old book. Miaka and Tamahome have proven everyone that there are inseparable.

How do these two measure up on the love meter?


For a change, try not loving each other.



Cute: Tsukushi Makino and Tsukasa Domyoji

It’s the classic tale of the rich versus the poor – and the love they share for each other in between. Tsukushi and Tsukasa weren’t made for each other – or so society thought. In time, they have proven that although they are not perfect for each other, they compliment each other like cream to coffee. They are strong when they are together and not even the most stereotypical belief in society could pull them apart.

How do they fare in the love meter?


Try acting more mature when you’re together.



Lovely: Yukino Miyazawa and Souichiro Arima

Love holds no pretenses. The opposite can be said to both Yukino and Souichiro, however. Seeing each other in their most fragile situation is what drew these two lovebirds closer. With love, they learned to accept who they were; they learned to accept each other. Once they did, they learned how easier life could be when they stay true to their selves and to the love they have for each other.

How are these teen lovers doing in our love meter?


You’re both young and in love. There’s lots of time to learn about the other and yourself. But so far, you’re both doing fine.



Cute: Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo

She loves him, he loves her not. He loves her, she loves him not. Love is a wild rollercoaster for Ranma and Akane. Make that a wild theme park, where every ride is as twisted and illogical as Ranma’s curse. Ranma and Akane though soon discovers that behind all the arguing and catfight they go through, they are both halves of a one greater whole. So what if they’re fighting? They say the more you hate the more you love.

How are these two fighters doing in our love meter?


Don’t be ashamed to show each other some affection. Don’t worry, it’s not gonna bite back.



Lovely: Kenshin Himura and Tomoe Yukishiro

Who would’ve ever thought that a completely emotionally-devoid assassin holds a pure feeling in his blood-stained heart? Tomoe was the sheath that supressed the wild samurai that is Kenshin. Both of them learned so much about themselves with each other. Though their love blossomed untimely and short, they still wanted to protect the happiness each other holds. In the end, they held a love that would never fade – much like a scar.

How do these two measure up in the love meter?


Even when the scar in Kenshin’s face disappears completely, Tomoe’s love would still be there to guide Kenshin.


14 couples for the loveliest date of each year. Yet I hear a mutter. A love protest of sort. The list was of straight couples, so what about the ones in between? Their affection deserves to be recognized as well.


Subaru Sumeragi and Seishiro Sakurazuka

The ever-polite and generous Subaru met Seishiro and have developed a strong friendship with the veterinarian. Though Seishiro had been holding a hidden agenda against Subaru prior to their meeting, he seem to likes having fun with his “relationship” with the young onmyoji. And although Subaru had developed pure hatred over Seishiro for killing his twin sister, the affection he once held for the man could never be dismissed.

How do they fare in the love meter?


Though a one-sided love, Seishiro’s perverse thoughts towards Subaru makes me feel that somehow he liked the onmyoji back.



Kamui  Shirou and Subaru Sumeragi

Subaru identified himself with Kamui with both of them having lived through common heartbreaking circumstances and the death of loved ones at the hands of a close friend or a lover. He became a mentor for Kamui and had developed a “sisterly”* relationship with each other. In TRC, the two were twin vampires who were very close to each other and have been constantly hunted by two vampire hunters.

*according to CLAMP

How are these lovers doing in the love meter?


You have your own love stories. You’re just looking for a shoulder to lean  and it’s perfectly okay.



Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

In the manga, the two hold a relationship too close for friends. They stand side by side and compliments each other even in battle. They both hold a talisman necessary for their mission. As normal individuals, they are known as a straight couple. Haruka also seem to love flirting with the princess of the moon.

How are these two soldiers doing in the love meter?


You two need not say a thing. Everyone believes you two exist for each other.



Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya

Utena wanted to protect Anthy and was awarded with the damsel’s possession. Being both pained individuals, they seek refuge in each other. Sword clashes and thunders declare their affection for each other. The “prince” and the “princess” learned to live behind their traumatic pasts and stood together as healed individuals.

How do they fare in the love meter?


You deserve each other.



Shuichi Shindou and Eiri Yuki

No wonder Shuichi didn’t have any girlfriend or was not very interested with the opposite gender. He has discovered a strong feeling for Eiri Yuki, a well-known writer- and a guy! But so what? Eiri seems to feel something special for him as well. That should be enough inspiration for Shuichi to write a love song good enough for Eiri’s approval.

How do these two lovers measure up in our love meter?


There are no pretenses between the two of you. Only honest-to-goodness love.


Take it from these anime couples to show you the true meaning of love.

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