Two Sevens: Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu



They share the same name, train, room, and experiences as they travel to Tokyo together.



Name: Nana Osaki

Anime: Nana

Occupation: Musician

Birthdate: March 5, 1981

Height: 5’4″ (162 cm)

Weight: 95lbs (43 kg)

Family: Misuzu Osaki (mother), Miyuki Osaki (grandmother (also foster mother), deceased), Misato Uehara (half-sister)

Seiyuu: Romi Paku

She’s unmistakeable in her gothic looks. It ain’t hard to tell that Nana Osaki is one rocker chick. Despite her mean, rebellious, “bad” vibe however, Nana is no different from the people around her. She experiences love, joy, pain and deals with all the quirks and nuances of living.


7 Life-changing events for Nana Osaki

7. Growing up with her grandmother’s care, she was forbidden from wearing pink and red clothing for fear of “tempting” men and her ending up just like her mother.

6. She was accused of prostitution. She didn’t deny it, even though it was completely false. She was expelled in school. Since then, her grandmother had become fatally ill.

5. She bought her first red dress and caught the attention and affection of Ren Honjo.

4. She became part of the band Black Stones (Blast) together with Ren.

3. She and fellow bandmates got ditched by Ren for a record deal with another band, Trapnest

2. She lost her greatest love

1. She met Nana Komatsu on train bound for Tokyo.



Name: Nana Komatsu

Nickname: Hachi

Occupation: Housewife

Birthdate: November 30, 1980

Height: 158 cm

Family: Mother (Natsuko), Father, Older sister, younger sister Nami

Spouse: Takumi Ichinose

Seiyuu: Midori Kawana (KAWORI)

Naive and childish, Nana Komatsu went to Tokyo from her small town to find her dream. Just like most of the people around her, she is easily swayed by love.


7 Life-changing events for Nana Komatsu

7. She had an affair with Asano Takashi, an older, married man.

6. She was left in her hometown when her boyfriend Shoji Endo went to attend university and she was also cheated for a co-worker.

5. She met Takumi Ichinose, leader and bassist for Trapnest and they fell in love.

4. She found out she was pregnant with Takumi and reconciled with the man after ditching him and considering Nobu’s feelings instead.

3. She and Takumi got married.

2. She and Takumi had a falling out and went to live separate continents, with each of their two kids, Sachiko and Ren.

1. She met Nana Osaki in a train going to Tokyo.