Sweet, Sweet Amour’: Anime’s Lovely Girls and Guys


A big moon is risin’
So bright in the sky
But it won’t shine brighter
Than the stars in your eyes

It rises above me
So bright and so blue
And I won’t see anyone
As lovely as you

(Alan Jackson, As Lovely As You)


Admit it. At one point in your life, you have come across an anime character you found so endearing that you just find yourself smiling whenever you watch it over the TV or see it in pictures. In short, you have fallen in love with an anime character.

And no one blames you. Most anime characters are beautiful, filled with personality, and most of all, perfectly honest for sharing their life stories. Now wouldn’t the world be a much better place with anime characters?

If you were to go out – or better – be the significant other of an anime character, who would you choose among the millions out there?

It’s to safe to say that you would like someone who would take good care of your heart. One that’s lovely enough to take your breath away. One that’s nice enough to treat you right or to be loved by you in return.

The word “lovely” means a whole lot of things. It sums up in one word many of the attributes all of us look for in a person. And with anime, it’s not that hard for us to see the meanings of this word.

The following are 10 of the most lovely guys and girls in animedom. Choose the ones that you like and start daydreaming of your perfect getaway with them.


10. Mikuru Asahina

Simple and childish, Mikuru can be easily swayed by simple gestures of affection. So, you could take her anywhere and she’ll appreciate it. When she talks, better move closer so you could hear her words out of that lovely soft voice of hers. She would fluster faster than her time-travelling ability when you stare at her pretty face.
Hold her hand and she probably wouldn’t mind. Take her to the park (coz she might have trauma over moviehouses), have a picnic and look at the sky.
She probably doesn’t know how to kiss so take the opportunity and teach her. Kiss her gently, like sweet cherry on the lips.
If you’re lucky enough, you might get to notice a mole on her breast.

Use this pick-up line on Mikuru: What time do you have to travel back to heaven?


09. Misato Katsuragi

She’s a woman in pain. You know she’s keeping it under a tough façade. So don’t be afraid to be honest with her. Let her come out of that NERV shell. You’ll find out that there’s actually a funny and gentle soul underneath that thick uniform.
Take her out of the confines of her apartment unit and workplace by driving her (or letting her drive) somewhere distant and refreshing. Never take her to the beach though and for a change try not to give her beer.
Once in a while, have a drinking contest with her even if you know you have no chance of winning. Let her smile through her victory and treasure her image.
Heard about the rumor with Kaji? Yup, it’s highly probable this chick is a great kisser. Prepare yourself for some passionate time with her.

Use this pick-up line on Misato: I never thought Angels looked as good as you.

lovely-08-usagi-tsukino108. Usagi Tsukino

Usagi loves everyone and everything in this world. Pleasing her won’t even cost you a sweat. Treat her to fast food, the park, the moviehouse, anywhere as long as there’s food. The best way to get to this chick’s heart is through her stomach.
The best place to take her for some romantic time together would be the planetarium where you could ask her to share more about her home as you look at the star-filled night sky.
Remind her to study hard as a means to show just how much you care. Oh, and don’t forget to be nice to her cat. She loves to kiss so take your opportunity anytime you want her to feel your love.
If she finds you worthy enough, she might show you her sailor soldier transformation. Prepare for some nosebleed!

Use this pick-up line on Usagi: (just say something nice about the moon and she’ll love it)

lovely-07-sakura-hime07. Sakura-Hime

Take Mokona with you and enjoy time together on places you’ve never imagined. While you’re there, locate any of her feathers to restore a part of her memory.
Sakura-hime may not be much of a talker but that’s because she’s lost most of her memories. But you could make her feel better by being a strong shoulder to lean on.
Try taking her to a river or the beach, or even next to a fountain where she would be close to water, which is very special to her. They say each person has a counterpart in every world, so take the time to look for you very own counterpart in the world you are in.
Try not to scare her by making sudden moves on her. Take it slow and subtle. You’ve got to earn her trust first before she could give you her heart.

Use this pick-up line on Sakura-hime: I wish I have a feather with me to add to your wings. But then again, I wouldn’t want you to go back to heaven too soon.

lovely-06-belldandy06. Belldandy

An honest-to-goodness goddess deserves the utmost love. Check your heart of any impure thoughts first before trying to set a date with Belldandy. She may look innocent and loving, but don’t test her. It could mean destruction for the entire world.
Having a pure heart, she would never want you to feel bad and would do whatever she can to make things right for you. Since she’s seen everything in this planet, why not try asking her to take the two of you to a place only she knows. Just try. Don’t sound too demanding though. You wouldn’t wanna incur the wrath of a divine being.

Use this pick-up line on Belldandy: You’re so beautiful that I’m thankful GOD didn’t keep you for himself.

lovely-05-rukia-kuchiki05. Rukia Kuchiki

Sure, you don’t know how old she probably is, but it won’t matter. Why not try going to the mall and pick some clothes for her since she finds it hard to find clothes that fit her. Then go to a park or any other places where there are rabbits. She might thank you so much for it and kiss you. She could be too quiet and cool, but it’s worthy the try. Plus, seeing her happy is satisfying enough.
It would be nice to argue a bit over a nonsense topic, but you’ll love her more once you see a deeper side to this shinigami.
Once you’ve gained her trust, it would be nice to flirt with her and see her flush and dare her to a kiss.

Use this pick-up line on Rukia: This soul was born for you.

lovely-04-chii04. Chii

She may be a persocon, but Chii has qualities very much likely of humans. So treat her like one. You’ll find out just how loyal she could be.
Having no memory of her past and being an artificial being, she is ignorant of a lot of things in this world. Try taking her to museums and libraries on your first couple of dates. Learning together can be fun.
Don’t let your guard down. Chii has a tendency to do things that could make the people around flush.
Despite her flaws, Chii has one very special function: to love the one person for her. You may be lucky enough to be it.
Oh, always be reminded that you can never do the deed with Chii, unless you want her to restart and forget everything about you. Don’t feel so down. You’ll realize that her affection is more than enough to fill the hole in your heart when you’re together.

Use this pick-up line on Chii: I have found my one special person.

lovely-03-sakura-kinomoto03. Sakura Kinomoto

Whoa! She’s too young to kiss. Just hold her hand and treat her to the amusement park. Or enjoy an ice cream together. Or you could just go to her house and let her bake for you. If you get too close to her, she might show you her magical secret and let you meet that yellow weird-looking stuff toy she usually brings along.
Always be aware of your surrounding because usually there’s someone lurking behind bushes or electric poles with camera in tow and sneakily taking videos of Sakura. She may even turn out to be your rival.

Use this pick-up line on Sakura: You’ve captured my heart

lovely-02-rei-ayanami02. Rei Ayanami

Even if she’s not talking, you’ll find her endearing. Even if she’s completely unemotional, you’ll learn to shower her with love.
Rei doesn’t understand a lot of things. So it’s a nice gesture to show her how things in this world works.
Let her experience the outdoors. Do some social work together. The important thing is to make her feel that she’s not alone. Let her connect to the world and to the emotional side of her.
If everything doesn’t work, explain to her how a kiss could make miracles even for the completely ignorant of the concept of love.

Use this pick-up line on Rei: I have had a really bad day and it always makes me feel better to see a pretty girl smile. So, would you smile for me?

lovely-01-mizuhi-kazami01. Mizuho Kazami

Approach her with a pack of Pocky in your hand. Although this beautiful teacher is kind enough not to ignore you when you approach her even if you forget to buy her favorite snack.
A picnic on the beach would be perfect if you want to see her enjoy herself and satisfy yourself staring at her curves.
Treat her kindly. She could be so emotional and too much for you to handle. Don’t be afraid to let her feel your love. Touch her and kiss her. She’ll love you for it.

Use this pick-up line on Mizuho: You’ve taught my heart to beat like it’s never beaten before.



10. Shuichi Minamino

Soft-spoken and mild-mannered, don’t be surprised when Shuichi displays his affection to you with the most beautiful flowers you’ve yet to see. Your hand will never be vacant with special roses from his hair.
He might even grow a giant Sakura tree and bring you atop to have some time alone with each other.
Overwhelm him with your love enough to energize him and revert him to his original fox-demon form. You’ll learn just how a silver-haired man with dog-ears and a tail could be so cute and endearing.

Use this pick-up line on Shuichi: A woman holding flowers looks lovely, but it’s lovelier to see a man holding the same flowers and waiting to give it.

lovely-09-kenshin-himura09. Kenshin Himura

Try challenging him to a sword duel. Yeah, he’ll let you win over his god-given sword techniques. Treat him to a quiet time in the dojo, sipping tea and eating rice cakes. Or let him have some fun on a circus. Everything you do should be to make him forget about his dark past.
You’ll always be safe with Kenshin by your side. But don’t let him be the one to always do the fighting. Try to learn from him to make you stronger.
Kenshin may not be the dating type, but once you get to know more about his past, you’ll realize that this man is no stone. He knows how to love unconditionally. But for now, let him enjoy time with you. Don’t forget to kiss him on the cheek – accidentally, of course – and see him flush like the color of his hair.

Use this pick-up line on Kenshin: I don’t care if your sword is reverse-edged. You slashed my heart and brought out a feeling I thought was never there.

lovely-08-duo-maxwell08. Duo Maxwell

Don’t you just love his braid and how he carries it?
Duo could take you to space with his mobile suit. Prepare for it by bringing space food with you. He won’t mind. He knows how to appreciate every little thing life gives him.
Try asking him if you could untie his hair and let you comb it. He’ll love that.
Prepare for some hearty laughs with this funny gundam pilot. But also be aware that this man understands how to be serious when the situation calls for it. Let him steer you heart closer to his. Let him hear you whisper out of curiosity: “How does it feel to kiss in space?”

Use this pick-up line on Duo: With you, death becomes nothing.

lovely-07-lelouch-lamperouge107. Lelouch Lamperouge

He may be hell-bent on destroying the world, but you understand why he’s doing it. You know that there’s a sensitive soul inside him waiting to be saved.
Don’t be afraid to stop him from his madness. Hug him tightly. Let your warmth reach his heart.
Don’t be afraid to face his geass. Let him know how much you want him to change for his own good. But if his will becomes too strong for you, don’t just leave him. Stand up to his enemies together.
When the war is over, it would be nice to bring him to a secluded island and enjoy time alone with him.
Remember, he hides his emotion behind a mask so don’t think twice about taking away that cover. Kiss him and let him understand how good it feels to live.

Use this pick-up line on Lelouch: Take off that mask so I could see you for all the loveliness that you really are.

lovely-06-kamui-shirou06. Kamui Shirou

Sure, he’s short-tempered and could kill you with just a wave of his hand. But every strong man has his weakness. Never fail to show him kindness and he’ll reward you for it with his own affection.
Kamui is a pained individual. But you know very well how love could cure even the most incurable disease.
Once he returns your affection, he might want to take you atop the Tokyo Tower. Tell him the view below is not as good as the one you’re seeing eye-level at that moment.
He could be a bit stubborn, but it would be a triumph to see little Kamui blush.
Don’t be afraid to try putting his hands over your cheeks so you could feel just how strong his power is.

Use this pick-up line on Kamui: A good man is hard to find; but a hard man is so good to find.

lovely-05-kyo-sohma05. Kyo Sohma

See him as a person and not a monster, or worse, an orange cat. At least make it a “cute’ orange cat. If he nags you for it, remark about how he looks cuter when he’s annoyed.
Kyo has a very painful past and it’s up to you to make him feel better about himself. Don’t think twice about pushing him to the edge of a cliff (not literally) to make him learn how valuable he is, even despite the innumerable times that he pushes you away.
When you succeed in doing so, you’ll find out how Kyo could be very lovely in his own special way. Don’t forget to award him with a kiss. If he turns into a cat, just hug him like he’s the sweetest cat you’ve ever met.

Use this pick-up line on Kyo: Yours is the most endearing curse I’ve ever known.

lovely-04-athrun-zala04. Athrun Zala

You need to understand that Athrun is in the most horrible war against his best friend. So it’s best to stand by him during tough times. Whenever possible, take the time to be with him.
If possible, take him to a place that would make him temporarily forget the war. But if it’s not feasible, the better option is to bring him to help innocent civilians in evacuation centers to encourage him to do his best in the fight to end the war.
Though he seems like a true soldier- unyielding, cool, and unfriendly at times, you know well how to ease him up from that stiff personality. A passionate touch would always go a long way to make him feel better.

Use this pick-up line on Athrun: If a star fell from the sky every time I thought about you, then tonight the sky would be empty.

lovely-03-ichigo-kurosaki03. Ichigo Kurosaki

Don’t let him keep things to himself. Make him say it out loud knowing he’d be a better person afterwards. You know he cares too much though he’d rather not say.
So show him how to care. Start by holding his hand. Let his red face complement the orange color on top of his head. Then laugh at how much he could help remind you to buy tomatoes and carrots next time you go to the market. If he starts blabbering about how annoyed he’s gotten, then you’ve succeeded in making him say what’s on his mind.
There’s a hidden kindness to Ichigo and it would be fun and worthwhile to make it surface. Why not try being honest about your feelings for him? Maybe then he could start expressing his feelings more. All hardships could even end up in one passionate kiss right after.

Use this pick-up line on Ichigo: I never believed in soulmates until I met you.

lovely-02-dark02. Dark

He has definitely stolen your heart. But let him know he couldn’t fly away with it. So it would be romantic to fly during the night with you locked between his strong arms.
You need not do anything to make him kiss you. He’s aggressive enough to do that. And when he does, prepare to be brought to heaven and back.
Look at his purple eyes and see how much he loves you. He would be willing to take you to places to prove his affection.

Use this pick-up line on Dark: You give my heart back. I forgot to seal it with my kiss.

lovely-01-kira-yamato01. Kira Yamato

Help take away that awkward shyness in him. It may make him look cute, but he’d be gorgeous without it. Kiss him passionately to draw the man out of him.
It would be very sweet to spend some time with him on a cold place where he’d have to hold you very close. You’d feel each other’s breath in the falling snow.
Then you’d have to sleep next to each other by night time and see what happens next.

Use this pick-up line on Kira: Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work at it?