10 Blasts of Romance – Anime Style



The love month’s not yet passed. And even if February and all the glitters brought up by Valentine’s Day comes to pass, the strong message of love will and should stay throughout the year.

So as we near the end the shortest but definitely the loveliest month of the year, we look at 10 romantic anime that ought to keep the fire of love burning the whole year round.


10: Onegai Teacher

Kei Kusanagi is not your typical high school student. He is keeping a number of  big secrets from his classmates and friends.
One, he’s not 15 years old. Two, he’s married. Three, his wife is also his teacher. And finally, she’s an alien.
Kei was living his life as normal as he could until he met Mizuho. The two had to play husband and wife in the beginning. But after spending enough time knowing each other, the two begin to change their charade into a real one.

~Here are what people over the net have to say for Onegai Teacher:

“It’s a masterpiece.”
from Kei-kun

“One of the most intense romantic drama anime series I have seen in quite a long while.”

“They mixed comedy and romance pretty well and the visuals were really good.”



09: Fushigi Yuugi

After traveling inside the Book of the Four Gods, Miaka caught the attention of a young warrior named Tamahome. As the Suzaku no Miko, Tamahome was bound to protect Miaka. Soon, the blossoming affection between the priestess and its warrior blossomed into deeper affection. Since then, no one could separate the two – not even the truth that Tamahome is merely a character in a story.

~Here are what people say about Fushigi Yuugi over the net:

“…offers enough interesting situations and occasionally involving storytelling to make it stand out in the genre as at least reasonably interesting to a broader audience.”

“The series contains all the ingredients that modern anime series need to achieve success.”

“Romance may be a central theme in Fushigi Yuugi, but it is far from all the show has to offer- there is a sufficient range here to strike a chord with all but the most jaded and cynical of viewers.”

“It has all of these great themes such as love, friendship, loyalty, and betrayal and they are presented in a very realistically approachable manner.”



08: Ranma 1/2

Akane and Ranma are betrothed to each other. But neither would ever admit his affection for the other.
They win over every martial arts challenge; they struggle through the affection awarded to them by other people; and in between all those situations they never forget to argue with each other, quarreling at the slightest thing.
They love to hate each other but they are always there to support each other.

~Here are some things that people say about Ranma 1/2 on the internet:

“Ranma 1/2 is laugh-out-loud funny.”

“The series manages to poke fun at male/female stereotypes, martial arts, romance, sex, marriage, love/hate relationships, and just about everything you can think of (and some things you’d never think of) – while at the same time it is pulling you into the story and characters.”

“It’s just too funny to skip this series.”

“Ranma 1/2 is by far one of the most hilarious and entertaining anime series to come around in a long time.”



07: Hana Yori Dango

It’s the classic story of  rich versus poor and the complicated love in between.
When Tsukushi went to an elite school, she became a target of the F4, a group of four rich guys who do nothing but torment fellow students. But what the group did not prepare for was when Tsukushi fought back. This got the attention of two F4 members, Tsukasa and Rui.
A love triangle among the three students was quickly formed.

~ Read up on what people say about Hana Yori Dango over the internet:

“…a very solid series that deals with growing up, finding one’s place in life, and not letting anything get you down no matter what.”

“Setting the stage early for what Japanese anime fans adore in high school-based series, HANA YORI DANGO may seem like a typical teenage romance comedy, but as it unfolds, the series manages to break the mold that many popular precedssors have left behind.”

“It’s true shoujo in it’s most undiluted form!”
from Caireen



06: Fullmoon wo Sagashite

Mitsuki only has a year to live because of a throat tumor. Yet the one thing she would love to do is to sing. So when she met a shinigami, her prayer was answered in the form of a 16-year-old girl named Fullmoon.
Mitsuki always thought that if she becomes an idol and gathers enough fame, she might be able to see Eichi, a dear childhood friend whom she had never heard from since he went to America.

~Here are some things people say about Fullmoon wo Sagashite over the internet:

“In the words of Christi Ross, Full Moon o Sagashite is probably “the happiest, most positive show I have ever seen where the main character has one year to live”, and that is exactly right.”

“Full Moon wo Sagashite first feels like a shallow series but develops into something so deep and meaningul that it takes viewers on a rollercoaster of emotion.”

“If you’re looking for a sweet shoujo series that deals with more than the usual shoujo themes and will make you think (and maybe make you cry), you’ll probably really enjoy this.”

“…might very well be one of the best shoujo series to carry a heavy theme within it in such a bittersweet and lighthearted way – merging drama, romance, some comedy and a predominant musical thematic.”



05: Ouran High School Host Club

After accidentally breaking an expensive vase that belonged to the Ouran Club, Haruhi was forced to pay a massive debt by working as one of the Ouran High School Hosts, a work that requires pleasing the female students of their elite school.
Therefore, no one has to know about Haruhi’s true female gender.
Soon, she gets the hang of it and even catches the eyes of Tamaki, the club’s head honcho.

~What do people over the internet have to say for Ouran High School Host Club?

“If this anime could be described in a word it would be ‘light’. It’s a perfectly crafted dose of fluff with a surprising rewatchability factor.”
from AJtheFourth

“A series this hilarious, original, and well-executed hasn’t been seen in a long time.”

“Shaping up to be one of the best.”

“…fresh, smart, and absolutely addictive.”



04: Kimagure Orange Road

Moving from one place to another because of a family psychic power, Kyosuke has become indecisive over everything.
Now, one of his biggest dilemmas has come in the form of two girls: Madoka and Hikaru. Both girls are showing interest in him.
He seems to be more interested in Madoka but how would he tell Hikaru his feelings without hurting Madoka as well, the two being best friends.

~ Read what people have to say about Kimagure Orange Road:

“…looks to be another wacky love comedy, but comes across as something more. While the series’ roots definitely show through, the central romance is handled in a more subtle and touching manner than most.”

“…very funny, very poignant and touching at the end of the TV series, and heart-rending beyond belief in the movie, this is a great series and a must see for any serious anime fan.”

“For more than a decade, Kimagure Orange Road has stood as an example of how to do a story featuring a love triangle right.”

“KOR is a delight in every way and one of the most perfect series of it’s type.”



03: Chobits

Hideki accidentally found a she-persocon in the dumpster and decided to make it his own by naming it Chii. Since then, he had been Chii’s one special person for her. Hideki is also beginning to feel a strong affection towards the artificial partner.
But will his love ever be reciprocated? Can a robot ever replace the love of a real human?

~ Here are some things that people say about Chobits over the net:

“This anime series is indeed one of my favorites! I fell in love with Chi immediately, she is adorable!”
from Chibi Chu

“Chobits, overall was an excellent series. The characters actually had relationships that developed, which is rare in anime. The story flowed fairly well, and did not bore the audience to death. The writers knew who would be their target audience would be, and definetly drove to please that audience.”
from Fancy India

“As the story progresses, the drama and romance begin to unravel into a perfect synchronized story with events that will leave its viewers wanting more.”
from Dark Anime King Jason

“Chobits has the makings of an instant classic.”

“It’s lighthearted comedy will capture your smile, it’s sadder moments will tug at your heart. The mature themes will draw you in a deeper philosophical question of life, though it’s not overly apparent to the normal viewing audience.”



02: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo

Yukino once hated Souichiro for pushing her name out of the top spot in the school’s exam. But when Souichiro sincerely congratulated her after beating him on the next exam, her impression of the boy began to change.
She wasn’t at all prepared when he confessed his feelings for her and now is in a dilemma on how she would be completely honest to herself.
When the two begin their love story, they realize that there a lot more to learn about themselves through each other.

~ Read up on what people over the internet have to say about Kare Kano:

“…stands as a masterfully directed and heart-warming tale of young love that captures the most powerful yet elusive of emotions.”

“…well-applied humor and realistic high school drama scenes.”

“I obviously loved Kare Kano, but I would only recommend it to people who LOVE love.”

“For all its faults, I can’t help but love it.”

“One of the most well executed combinations of romance and comedy to date.”



01: Maison Ikkoku

Yusaku was just about to leave his room in Maison Ikkoku when he met the new manager Kyoko and fell in love with her on sight.
He has decided to stay despite the hell he goes through everyday with fellow tenants. Will he be able to tell his feelings?
A rival by the name of Shun appeares to woo the lovely new manager. But more importantly, with Kyoko being a widow of a good man, will Yusaku stand a chance and make her fall in love again?

~ Here’s what people say about Maison Ikkoku over the net:

“So rarely in an animated series are there characters that you laugh with, drink with, cry with, party with…and Godai and Kyoko open the door to you to join them in Ikkoku-kan…and the greatest days of their young adult lives.”

“How does one review one of the most wonderful and most convoluted romantic comedies ever made?”

“Covering a wide range of emotions from hysterically funny to painfully sad, Maison Ikkoku — all 96 episodes–is well worth seeing.”

“…genuinely one of the most satisfying series I have seen and has become a favourite.”

“It’s classic good (romance) manga, with Takahashi showing off her more serious side while proving her prowess on the field of romance.”