Solving Mysteries: CLAMP School Detectives



Welcome to the exclusive CLAMP School!
Founded by the Imonoyama Group, it is a large city school that integrates all levels of education from Kindergarten to University. Run by the Chairman of the Imonoyama group, the school is intended to be a haven for those young people on whose shoulders the future of the world rests. This group of people include, but are not limited to those who are prodigies in their special fields. But, the school also has a reputation for holding many wonderful festivities.

Three famous elementary students live here and perform tasks too daunting and heavy for their age – and the fact that they still go to class. They find answers to some of the mysteries happening around their beloved campus and help colleagues and individuals who may need their help. Especially if they’re damsels in distress.


Meet the members of the CLAMP School Detectives:

Nokoru Imonoyama, is the heir to the Imonoyama group who founded the school. He created the CLAMP School Detective to reach out to the female population who may need their service and also a way to get out of his duties as Chairman of the Elementary Division. He’s not fond of sport, but gains enough strength to pull out an athlete side whenever a damsel needs rescuing.

Suoh Takamura is a martial arts expert who have sworn to protect Nokoru. He makes sure that the Chairman does his duties. For a 5th grader, he holds great skills as a descendant of a ninja clan.


Akira Ijyuin can whip up the most delicious pastry and drinks to come with it. A first-class chef, he may look innocently deceiving for he is also the inheritor of the legacy of the legendary theif 20 Masks.

When these three youngsters decides to solve a mystery, they would go through anything to accomplish it. So why not hire them to make their way to local Philippine TV and help find answers to mysteries that might require the smarts of these three bright individuals?

We deliver five mysteries on social issues in this country to convince local channels to bring the three famous young detectives to our shores and help solve them:

1. The mystery of the weeping statue of Mary

The statue of Mother Mary was occasionally seen with tears of blood streamlined on its cheek.

With a female as the focus of this mystery, Nokoru will surely be in the forefrunt of the investigation. Nothing can compare to this young man’s determination to help a woman in any way possible. Akira can easily carry out a mission to steal the statue from the church for a short time to take a closer look.

2. The mystery of the Ebola Reston virus

The virus has been spreading among hogs and causing millions worth of damage.

How the virus got here and how to dispose of it completely could be a very daunting task. But perhaps, not for Akira. Being a lover of food, Akira might be able to think of a solution to the increasing virus infection among hogs. Not just that, he also might solve the problem for other diseases targeting poultry and cattles.

3. The mystery of the media-killings

This country has been recognized recently as an unfriendly place for journalists.

Suoh would never want any harm to fall on anyone. He could use all his resources and skills to investigate any mastermind to the crime. Having a ninja clan to spy and protect media men, the journalists in this country would be safe again.

4. The mystery of the Presidential election

The 2004 Presidential election was one of the most controversial political topics. Who should have been the real leader of this country?

It may seem to big for the CLAMP Detectives, but these three has an extensive resource of people who might be able to do the job. Not only that, they have enough money to bring assassins or sadistic private investigators in and get the information they needed when they needed it.

5. The mystery of the Marcos Swiss Bank account

A former president of this country allegedly placed millions worth of graft in the Swiss Banks. True or not?

No wall is too thick to penetrate for the legendary 20 Masks. Not even the Swiss Banks. And with someone like Nokoru whose family have successfully founded a school as big as a small city, it won’t be a surprise to learn that he himself holds a Swiss Bank account. All they need is to get to the documents. Leave that task to the ninja Suoh.

This CLAMP anime has been aired a decade ago. Yet its charm has not waned in years. Isn’t it about time for them to bring that charm and hope for solution to us?