Who’s Your Master, Mosquiton?



It seems Nabiki Tendo of Ranma ½ isn’t the only all-time money-grubbing character in anime. Back in the 90s, anime introduced us to yet another one in the form of Inaho Hitomebore.

This Catholic school girl resurrected a vampire named Alucard von Mosquiton and made him her slave, helping her look for the legendary O-Part that would grant her immortality. Poor vampire.


Master of Mosquiton was the anime that destroyed the stereotype look on vampires by introducing a goofy blood-sucking character that is Mosquiton. To add insult to the injury, he became a slave to a human.

The series took the idea of vampire stories and turned it around, giving a hilarious side to the vampire stories we’ve come to appreciate as forever dark and gory. Sure, there is nothing special with the humor found in this anime, but it’s definitely a welcome change.

But Master of Mosquiton isn’t just about the laughs. C’mon, it’s a vampire series. There is a hefty amount of blood and gore for the vampire-story-loving in all of us.

The character art may not look very appealing but has its own style to stand on its own. And remember the opening scene where Moquiton is seen on different locations in history through black and white drawings? That was cool. Master of Mosquiton appeals to not to the eye but to the heart, with a balance of heavy plot and light, funny outtakes.


The only downside to this old anime is its own heroine. Inaho indeed was not the heroine to love. She’s annoying, a brat and would not bother to throw Mosquiton off a cliff in exchange for money. Most people have grown to hate her by the end of the series. Not that Mosquiton would care since he’s blindly in love with her.

Yuki and Honoo are the ones worth watching (at least for me), especially when they turn into gorgeous ice and fire elementals and kick annoying enemy butt.