Teach Us, Oh Great Ones!



How true it is that the pen is mightier than the sword!

In today’s world, the biggest, most wonderful treasure any of us could own is good education. Knowledge is power indeed.

Anime continuously emphasizes the value of education by creating stories that revolve around the perimeter of an academic institution. Though at times a school is only shown as part of a background, it doesn’t fail to remind viewers that schools are as important as our most basic of needs. Plus, it’s a whole world of fun to be in school.

What do you remember exactly when the word “school” is mentioned? For those who are out of the schools already (like me), the word rings a mountain of memories – good and bad, but all in all a learning experience.

Do you even remember who your favorite classmates were? What about your favorite hang-out place? What about your favorite subjects?

Lastly, do you remember your teachers?

The mention of the word “teacher” often brings a feeling of mixed emotions. Admit it, you like some and you loathe some. Coz not all of us get along well with all of our teachers. If that were possible, then there won’t be any misunderstandings and war. But that’s just my opinion.

Whether we like it or not, our teachers are part of the memories of our entire lives.

But wouldn’t it be nice if our teachers were like the instructors we see in anime? Yup, thanks to anime, we were able to see instructors in a different light. They seem funnier, cooler, nicer, and overall more acceptable. But then again, they’re 2-D so let’s stop dreaming.

Here are some of the coolest anime teachers we could only wish we had in real life:





















Despite the imperfections of our real teachers, let’s not forget that they are there to do one thing and that is to teach us. Whatever way they do it, we cannot help but just sit down on our chairs and listen and learn to appreciate them the way they are.

One way or another, I bet we’ve learned a thing or two from our beloved teachers! Hopefully, anime reminds us of their hardwork and passion for their mission.

A Loving Teacher

Things our grown-up mind defies
Appear as giants in children’s eyes.
A gentle touch upon her head
A simple word when kindly said.
Complete attention when she calls.
Her knowing you have given all.
Correcting in a loving way.
Instilling trust in what you say.

Making her believe unique
The tiny flaw upon her cheek.
Admiring old and faded dresses.
Reminding her we all make messes.
Words of comfort you’ve softly spoken
A promise you’ve made she knows won’t be broken.
Your knowing her doll that was lost today
Is just as important as bills you can’t pay.

Helping make her plans and schemes
Giving her hope and building her dreams.
All of this and so much more
Is in her mind forever stored.
They who touch her life awhile
Can either make or break that child.
Education is important, true,

But so much more, her faith in you.
You’ve weathered through the storm and strife;
You helped to build a small girl’s life.
You’re truly one to be admired.
For you gave more than was required.

By Pat McClain