Relive thy Quest!



December, 2000.
Questor Magazine released a special Holiday Issue for their growing number of readers, thanks to an ongoing TV commercial.

Questor Vol 01 Issue 04 was made special by a couple of freebies worth far more than the special price change for the magazine but only for that issue.


A 2001 calendar featuring different anime illustrations and a Voltes V bensia pencil came together with the issue, priced at P200.00. But there was a lot more specials inside the magazine itself.


For one, there is a special page for Pinoy Cosplay. Conventions and cosplays were becoming a thing with the increasing otaku community so the magazine was there to take pictures and show how Pinoys do cosplay.
This was also a time when Fushigi Yuugi was airing on local TV and gaining a lot of fans. Surprisingly, and for the first time ever, a Japanese manga artist accepted an invitation to come over to the country and celebrate with anime fans. Yu Watase, creator of Fushigi Yuugi graced the event and even had a one-on-one interview with the Questor staff.


Francis Ibanez and Editor-In-Chief Bambi Eloriaga provided the feature articles. An introduction to Ghost in the Shell was done by Mr. Ibanez and Ms. Eloriaga took the liberty to give a guide to the Magic Knight Rayearth manga as well as a list of other MKR media.


To celebrate the Yuletide season, a special page was done with a collage of various anime in Christmas mood.


Characters Ranma Saotome (Ranma ½) and Misato Katsuragi (Neon Genesis Evangelion) were feature as Anime Dude and Dudette for the month.



Among the regular articles were reviews for an AniMETAL CD and the OST to Ultraman Tiga; a look at WAP (Wireless Application Protocol); a take on the DragonBall CCG; a Counterstrike guide; and a review of the Super Robot Wars Alpha game.


In the Editorial section (Editorial Ek Ek), EIC Bambi remembered some Christmas TV moments, including the Ranma ½ OVA: Tendo Christmas Scramble.


Anime Continuum featured anime titles airing at the moment such as Let’s & Go!, Sunny Pig, Doraemon and Dragon Creation as well as a name game for Dragon Ball.

A good question was posted in the Anime 101 section about where Heero keeps his gun (or how anime characters to tend to come up with anything from seemingly nowhere). Watashi-tachi introduced Igor Cabbab (Managing Editor) and The Ji Kata (Design Director).


A special section called Fight! was also dished out in this issue. The battle involved Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho), Goemon (Lupin III) and Aya (Knight Hunters).


Lastly, Questor picked Cailani Uy’s and Kathy Arakan‘s drawing as the magazine’s picks for the month in the Doujin Drawing Board section, while Paolo Guerrero’s Monster Rancher drawing was awarded as well.

Author’s note: The one thing that made this issue very special was the friendship I developed with a mail sender who was looking for an otaku friend. Youko Jeiro and I exchanged letters for almost a year and I could never forget that.

Questor’s first Holiday Issue brought warmth and joy to Pinoy otakus everywhere.