The Best and the Rest: Honoring animeHOLIC Academy’s Most Noteworthy Students



As another academic year comes to a close, it is only necessary for animeHOLIC Academy to recognize the contributions of its beloved studentry. A proof of excellence or otherwise, animeHOLIC Academy dishes out its awards to the bests and the worsts. Either way, this anime institution is proud to have them and is determined to lay the future of the anime world in their able hands.

Salutations to all of them!

With Honors : animeHOLIC Academy’s Brightest

Calling forth the Academy’s Honor Roll. These students have given much honor to the academy, contributing to such fields as Robotics, Medicine, and the Militia; they have uncovered proof of existence of places known only in literature today; they have shown prodigy at such a young age; and a steadfast determination to make a change.

We award the animeHOLIC Blue Ribbon to the following individuals:

:Hitomi Kanzaki


For centuries, the mystery of Atlantis had been nothing but a piece of myth…until Ms. Kanzaki opened a way to travel to the enchanted place called Gaea.
Ms. Kanzaki’s first-hand experience led to the discovery of a solid proof of the existence of Atlantis. No other information about the legendary city were as detailed as Ms. Kanzaki’s. Her grandmother who had been to Gaea herself and had given Ms. Kanzaki a necklace with a peculiar pendant used to travel to Gaea deserves a recognition as well.

:Chiyo Mihama


This child prodigy has a bright future ahead. This award is for her continued effort to be a good student despite the shortcomings of a few people whom she had started to call friends as well as of her homeroom teacher.
(We would like to ask the attention of Yukari-sensei. Please come to the Principal’s Office after the ceremony)
We also award Ms. Mihama for the success of hearing the story about “the birds and the bees” from another teacher of hers.
(We would also like to ask the attention of Kurosawa-sensei. Please come to the Office of the Principal after the ceremony)

:Hanamichi Sakuragi


From being looked down as the lowest embodiment of a student to getting the utmost respect from his faculty and fellow students, we award Mr. Sakuragi for the hardwork and determination to show everyone that anybody can bring about a wanted change in themselves. His natural athletic prowess and the energy he puts out in every basketball tournament can never be ignored. We salute him for the pride he has given to his team and the inspiration he had shared with those who have seen him play on the court and throughout everyday life.

:Kaolla Suu


A young mind has proven itself to be capable of leading the world. Ms. Suu’s unparalleled knowledge in Robotics will be of much help to the further development of man’s lifestyle. Even our most gifted scientists and engineers are proud of Ms. Suu and had become an inspiration for them to do better. Her fellow students (and some faculty members) are especially delighted in her innate ability to tie a cherry twig using her tongue.

:Karin Maaka


The Red Cross joins the academy in awarding Ms. Maaka for her continuous contribution in helping people around the world who are in need of blood transfusion. The Red Cross would like to invite Ms. Maaka to work closely with them in their fight against the world’s diseases.

Last on the list is…

:Suzaku Kururugi


The unyielding determination of this young soldier to make a change in the oppressed Area 11 has caught the academy’s attention as well as the United Nations. World organizations fighting for peace salute Mr. Kururugi with a medal of valor. His inspiring cause to bring peace will soon place Mr. Kururugi in the pedestal of our world’s greatest heroes of peace.


Now, we call forth the year’s horror roll, or to put it lightly, the students who have made it to our “Concerns List.” As with the first few individuals mentioned, these students have also contributed to the Academy’s pride. However, somewhere along the way, the Academy have observed a few peculiarities over the students’ behaviors and attitudes.
We feel the need to address our concerns to the following students, hoping that at some point, these concerns will be recognized and a possible cause of action can be done.

:Mutsumi Otohime


Ms. Otohime has clearly shown the Academy of her knowledge in studying and the carefree spirit that drives people towards her. However, we feel that this young woman needs to take better care of her health and a companion to guide her – quite literally, such as when going to a particular place or to constantly remind of her of some important things to do (such as remembering to write her name on her exam paper).

:Ayumu Kasuga


Ms. Kasuga has a different way of looking at some things in this life. Her perspective must never be ignored for a small idea nowadays can start an entire revolution. However, we suggest to instill some common (ordinary-people) knowledge in this young lady to make sure she gets in touch with the world she’s moving in. Her innocence (or ignorance) at her age is a symbol of pure thoughts and hence must never be taken away from her. The world can learn so much from Ms. Kasuga.

:Shinnosuke Nohara

shinnosuke-noharaThis young man’s natural curiosity is strongly believed by the Academy to be a driving force for Mr. Nohara’s success in the future. However, we would like to take this opportunity to call upon his parent’s attention. We believe Shinnosuke’s behavior can sometimes be too much for a small child.
This Academy shall be in constant watch over the development Mr. Nohara’s behavior. As a matter of fact, this young man has been the subject of our Psychology Department’s research on children’s behavior.

:Ranma Saotome


There is no denying that Mr Saotome has proven himself to be a force in martial arts. His success over a number of Martial Arts tournament will forever be a source of pride for the Academy’s Athletics Department. However, Mr. Saotome has time and again shown a tendency to cause fights and welcomes brawls in much the same manner as a common troublemaker. The plight over his Jusenkyo curse is also viewed as a threat to his further development, and we believe could cause some curiosity over Mr. Saotome’s gender preference.
Lastly, the Academy is concerned over Mr. Saotome’s relationship with people and believes that the love polygon he had mustered (not willingly though, yes we understand that) will bring more misfortune unless it’s not solved in the quickest time possible.

:Koushaku Chouno


Mr. Chouno has shown the Academy that he is an exceptionally intelligent man only not as healthy as everybody around him. Yet, his determination to exist that turned him into a creature other than our world’s has paved way for extensive research on Alchemy.
The Academy’s only concern for Mr. Chouno is his propensity to express his emotions too much, as well as the display of an outfit that the Academy deems “indecent and inappropriate.”
May we suggest a change of costume once in a while? It could boost action-figure sales.

Lastly, may we have…

:Usagi Tsukino


Her love for the world and her determination to protect everyone has proven her future Queen status. However, a cause of concern for the Academy is Ms. Tsukino’s immature behavior that we believe must be tamed as soon as possible. Her performance in school was not something to be proud of and for a future Queen, we suggest that Ms. Tsukino be taken to a princess school. We suggest bringing Ms. Tsukino to the prestigious Princess Academy.


animeHOLIC Academy prides itself with its variety of exceptional students. We believe that all these exceptional graduates will be anime world’s source of pride and joy and we wish to congratulate them for being who they are.