Slammin’ in the Court: Hanamichi Sakuragi



Anime: Slam Dunk

Birthday: April 1

Year: 1st Year

Height: 189 cm

Weight: 83 kg

Jersey Number: #10

Position: Power Forward

Seiyuu: Takeshi Kusao



Make way for the Sakuragi Legion! Unless you’re willing to face them and die. The one with the redhead is their leader. His name is Hanamichi Sakuragi!

Feared in the beginning because of his uncontrollable temper and violent tendencies, Sakuragi has since then changed from his old slacker ways. The self-proclaimed genius of Shohoku High has dedicated himself to playing and winning for the school’s basketball team. Trained by a number of people including his newfound crush Haruko Akagi, Sakuragi is more than ready to face the best players in the prefecture – or even in the country. Hah! Sakuragi fears no one!

If life is like a basketball (round or a win-or-lose game), then the game hasn’t been set for Sakuragi in terms of love. He has experienced exactly 50 foul strikes from the girls he had tried to ask out. But as stupid as it may seem, this flaming redhead ain’t going to stop.

He met Haruko and immediately fell in love with the lovely freshman. But a number of things seem to pull her away from him. Will she be his 51st failure?


Immature and a tall-standing fool, Sakuragi makes fun of other basketball players including his own team captain whom he calls “gorilla.”

Determined to win both basketball game and the rivalry (between Rukawa) over Haruko’s attention, Sakuragi marches to the court, ready to play.


Unberibaburya! (Unbelievable!)