Pulling pig-tailed heartstrings in Ranma 1/2


ranma and akane ala romeo and juliet

The story of the boy cursed to transform into a girl and the tomboy who has to put up with him as her fiancee may come as one of the best comedy in anime. But while there is no denying that Ranma ½ is more than 100 episodes filled with slapstick humor, one may come across moments that breaks the laughter if not pinches the heart through.

TV5 has started a re-airing of this wonderful series from famous mangaka Rumiko Takahashi for new and younger audiences. As the series hasn’t gone far into into the story, one could expect to see more to the other side of Ranma ½ – a serious, heartbreaking one.

animeHOLIC dishes out some of the most touching moments in this one-of-a-kind gender-bending series.

An unexpected haircut for Akane
(Episode 9: True Confessions! A Girl’s Hair is Her Life)


By the end of episode 8, Akane and Ranma were in an argument when Ryoga, who’s been trying to get Ranma, threw an attack. The weapon hurled in the air like a blade and as Akane bursts her heart on Ranma, the unexpected happened. Everyone was in shock and Akane who had been growing her hair to become less like a boy and get Dr. Tofu’s attention had to let go of her dreams.

Akane misses boy-type Ranma
(Episode 49: Am I…Pretty? Ranma’s Declaration of Womanhood)


After accidentally hitting his head on a rock, Ranma began to act like a real girl. Being in his boy-type didn’t help at all, with him declaring his womanhood. As Ranma slept in Akane’s room, Happosai barged in to harass them but to no avail. Akane then confronts Ranma about being a girl. Akane was worried about Ranma not turning back into a boy. Who would be my fiancee? Though she didn’t say that, it was probably what she would’ve wanted to tell him.

Akane’s frog curse
(Episode 100: The Frogman’s Curse)


In the last part of the fight between Ranma and Akane, and a man who was accidentally turned into a frog (by Ranma back in China), the “frog-man” splashed the last of his Jusenkyo water on Ranma to turn him into a frog as well. Akane didn’t allow it though and covered Ranma to receive the curse.

Ranma’s effort to apologize
(Episode 127: Akane Goes to the Hospital)


When Akane was brought to the hospital after a gym accident, Ranma didn’t know how to ask for apology. Finally, he took a blanket and wrote a very sincere apology on it and waited as Akane walk out of the hospital in the morning. He even gave Akane a copy of her picture taken by Gosunkugi which caused the accident in the first place.

Ranma meets his mother
(Episode 161: Boy Meets Mom, part 2)


After failing to meet his mother because of his own father’s efforts to prevent him, Ranma gave up on the idea and let his longing mother go back home. But as Nodoka Saotome accidentally gets caught in a burst of hot spring water, Ranma didn’t hesitate to go save his mother. The hot water prevented him from turning into a girl. In the end he had made his mother proud.

Nodoka dreams of her son
(Episode 161: Boy Meets Mom, part 2)


Shortly after Ranma saved his mother, a sudden rain poured on them and washed his dream of seeing his mother eye to eye as a man. Nodoka woke up and thought everything that happened was just a dream. Nevertheless, she is proud of her son. Ranma stopped Akane from telling Nodoka the truth and let his mother think of him the way she just did.