We Come In Peace…Moja!



Once upon a decade ago, a furry, orange alien crashlanded into this small island nation of ours and won over Filipino hearts both young and old. This alien may have been small, but everyone knew him like he was the tallest creature to walk this earth.

Can you make a guess, moja? Any alien in mind, moja?

Manga duo Fujiko Fujio should be praised not just for creating one of the most popular character in anime: Doraemon, but also for bringing the idea of an orange furball named Mojacko.


Mojacko became a manga in the 60’s and ran even before Doraemon came into print. However, an anime adaptation of Mojacko was created only almost 3 decades after its manga creation and after the anime adaptation of Doraemon had started its airing.

Roughly around the same year as the release of Mojacko on Japanese TV, the anime was brought over here in the Philippines and was enjoyed by countless number of households – years before (the older anime) Doraemon was brought over.

Mojacko defined the afternoon viewing habits of many Filipino families with  its simple adventure stories and endearing characters.


Who could ever forget that furry orange ball who seemed to have grown arms and legs, and can stick his long tongue to reach objects? Or the typical boy and girl who runs a two-man club dedicated to the mysterious and the unexplainable? Or the cuter siblings of the orange furball who tagged along in all the misadventures? Or perhaps the blue furball rival who constantly (and literally) turns to stone whenever he gets to be with his pink alien crush?


Aside from the nice story and characters, Mojacko also became popular because of the unmistakable voice of the lead character alien. His antics coupled by the matching voice of a particular Filipino dubbing talent made the show funnier that it already was.

Surao, Mojacko, Miki, Donmo (Dono), Mojari and Mojaru, Wuutan, and Momonja invited Pinoy TV audiences every afternoon to join them to laugh, explore, and learn a thing or two about Earth and beyond for 74 days of nothing but wholesome fun. Moja!