Sweet, Sweet Luck


Is that honey?? ^^

What is your purpose? Where will life take you? Are you ready to face whatever future lies waiting?


While in school, we learn to reason using logic; to value things; to prepare for the life ahead. But sometimes as we get closer to the finish line, a tiny but unavoidable concept called ‘doubt’ manages to inject itself into our consciousness, there growing like a seedling until it branches out the feelings of frustration and fear. It becomes normal to worry about what might lay ahead the paths we would eventually choose to walk on.

It’s the same predicament for Yuuta Takemoto, a 19-year-old art student. He’s a good student and friend; he seems to have the formula for success, so what keeps him from realizing a path for him to take?

takemoto by the window

Honey and Clover, a story by Chika Umino puts the limelight on a teenage boy learning the tougher side of life starting with finding one’s path. But he’s not alone. Joined by a bunch of unique individuals with life struggles of their own, they go through the difficulties and complexities of living.

Life for these friends is as sweet as honey but as difficult as coming upon a four-leaf clover.

Our local channels need much sweetness and luck to be able to air more anime. So here are four sweet reasons why an endearing story as Honey and Clover ought to be lucky enough to get into our local channels:

It’s animated telenovela

No scorching shonen battles, no gruesome encounters, no magical girls (or boys). It’s just the lives of 5 individuals struggling in and out of college.  Wait, did I say “just?” Pardon me. Honey and Clover may be an ordinary story but then what else could be more interesting than ordinary life itself. Completely spontaneous and exciting, life twists and bends the same way in this wonderful short story of making choices and living life. Isn’t that a good basis for one nice telenovela? Or asianovela for the term-specific.

It’s a celebration!

Value friendships, embrace the joys and quirks of life, celebrate triumphs and failure, learn to face and champion over circumstances. Let Takemoto and company show you how. Take their life experiences to heart and make the most out of your own. Life can be bittersweet but just like a wave in the sea, the bad feeling comes and goes just as fast.

It’s about hard and hearty laughs

A special amount of sweetness awaits in the form of Hagu-chan and a mouthful of laugh comes in the form of Shinobu. Occasionaly, the other members of the gang join in on the fray to make situations lighter. It’s balanced fun for a show meant for drama and some reflection.

Morita: Your pay, Takemoto-kun?

It’s a call to step up and move forward

After some much needed reflection it’s time to make sound decisions. It’s time to hit the pedal and move. To where? Who knows. Takemoto took a trip to learn how important the things in his life are; Yamada chose to keep her feelings floating inside her heart; Mayama chose to go where his heart has always lead him to. There’s always a four-leaf clover waiting by the roadside. All it takes to find it is to keep the eyes focused together with the goal-at-hand.

Honey and  Clover is a fine mixture of comedy and drama, making up a perfect slice-of-life anime.