Questor: Pumped Up for Vol. 02!



By the start of 2001 and together with the changing of the year, Questor geared up for two big changes in their magazine. There may have been a change in its retail price from P140.00 to P180.00 but this gave way to two big posters that came with every issue.


Questor Magazine Volume 02 Number 01 featured an image gallery of anime characters celebrating the first grand occasion of the year.


Editor Bambi Eloriaga discussed about the changes in the magazine in her Editorial section. Some staff went for more blissful things while new ones came in. A new section is also introduced due to reader requests.


The magazine’s big feature was a look at how anime fuses with Literature to entertain and teach children. During the 90’s, various anime adaptations of Classic Literature stories abound and Igor Cabbab wrote a special article about them.

What started as a snippet in recent Questor issues evolved into a section. Animelodies featured anime lyrics requested by readers who have found a fascination to the melody (and language) of the Japanese.


Regular articles included a review on the Final Fantasy IX game, Sailormoon Trading Card Game, and a Ayumi Hamasaki CD. Anime Continuum featured Slam Dunk, To Heart, Hunter X Hunter and Yagyu Jubei.


Kaede Rukawa was featured as Anime Dude of the month and new staff member Rommel Ruanto was on the spotlight in the Watashi-Tachi section.



Thought Balloons took a close look at the story of Ah My Goddess. Readers asked two questions for Anime 101: First, a rather controversial query about Tamahome and Miaka doing the *censored*. Questor jokingly answered “Only once a week because the Suzaku Priestess still needs to tend to the other Celestial Warriors;” Second, a question about Ranma and Akane ever getting together after all their fights and quarrels.


A comic section was also introduced featuring the most popular robot import to hit the country – Voltes V.

Also, an exceptional otaku was introduced by Managing Editor Igor. Dubbed as the Anime Seamstress, Lea B. Guerrero dressed otakus with her special costume creations. Even Igor himself modeled for this true-blue otaku.


Lastly, the Doujin Drawing Board recognized the talent of Jayne Laureen Ong.

Questor opened up a whole world of possibilities for Pinoy otakus to showcase their love for anime. And with a new year ahead, Questor and the anime community were up for lots of good changes.