Not Your Average Human: Yuki Nagato



Anime: The Melancholy/ Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya

Race: Humanoid interface

Age: 3 years old (Appears about 17)

Hair: Purplish brown

Eyes: Golden-brown

Status: Student, data entity, member of the S.O.S. Brigade

Occupation: SOS Brigade fifth seat / North High student (second year)
Deposed Literature Club Captain (still in this position de facto)

Voiced by: Minori Chihara


Alone in the Literary Club (not that Yuki complains about it), Haruhi took her in as the last member of the SOS Brigade. Yuki did not show any resentment. Yet, despite being a member of a lively group of individuals (perhaps with the exception of Kyon – though he’s not as stoic as Yuki), it seems the energy of even Haruhi never rubs on her.


So how does one make life interesting for an artificial human like Yuki Nagato? She seems completely devoid of any emotion, she isolates herself from everyone, and she speaks only when spoken to.

Perhaps these simple actions could pull out a more human side to Yuki:

1. Put her in a baseball game

She seems interested in a game of strength and talent. Let her use her ability to precisely hit the ball and drown her opponents with never-ending homeruns. Let her use the entire SOS Brigade to win the game, no matter how professional the opponents are.

2. Star her in a movie

Put her in a costume, give her some lines and make Yuki a movie star! She may want to play the role of the enemy, putting the protagonist in numerous dangers. She may even be able to showcase her hidden power.

3. Let her play a video game

A computer club may want to challenge Yuki to a computer game. Introduce her to computer games and she might find herself enjoying. Bet on the game for something that the SOS Brigade can use in their club. Laptops, perhaps?

4. A little duel might do her good

Yuki may get bored with nothing to do but read and put up with Haruhi’s madness, so let her do some extra-curricular activities. It might be exciting to see her in a fight. Someone in Kyon’s class could be a worthy opponent for her. A little exercise will definitely pump this humanoid up.


5. Tell her she’s cuter without the eyeglasses.

No drastic actions needed. Just a some simple words might give Yuki something to live with every single day. There’s no denying it, she is cuter when her eyes aren’t blocked by her eyeglasses. Telling her that might poke a little area in her system and make her face blush at the very least. A small step to making her more human-like but a step nonetheless.