She’s Unknowingly Sexy


anime babes flaunt their curves

In a vast sea of sexy anime babes images on the internet, there are actually only a handful who are exploding in voluptuousness.

If asked who among the girls has the sexiest bikini pic, most otaku guys (and some girls) would probably answer, without even thinking twice, the names of Rei Ayanami (NGEvangelion), Belldandy or Urd (Ah My Goddess!), Mizuho Kazami (Onegai Sensei), even Haruhi Suzumiya and Mikuru Asahina (TMOHaruhi Suzumiya) or the girls of SailorMoon. And of course, topping the list would definitely be Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop).


However, this is not about the crème de la crème of sexiness in anime. You see, in that same vast sea of sexy anime babes images, there are those who stand out not because they are sexier than other girls, but because seeing them sexy is something new and even surprising.

These girls – mostly supporting characters –  may have been overlooked or completely not favored by otakus but once they have shown some skin, the table makes a complete turn. They become recognizable. They are remembered.

Sadly though, they don’t gain as much sun exposure as the main or the secondary characters. Yet, it’s unavoidable. What would happen to the main characters if these girls outshine them? One has to have the spotlight after all. Otakus ought to just feel lucky for chancing upon these Surprisingly Sexy Anime Babes in Bikini:

Mizuki Kaho
“Card Captor Sakura”

She looks fragile and sweet. Look at her arched brows and weak smile paired with pale, smooth skin. She may not be as hot as Mizuho Kazami but knowing Mizuki is a teacher and seeing her like this is enough to make us want to go back to school. We always see her covered up in her uniform so this is definitely a welcome change.


Ryoko Asakura
“The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”

Since the beginning people have looked up to this outstanding student like she was the most popular girl. Her appearance in the series was very short and so no one knew she could be so hot until this picture came out. Too bad, Yuki had to destroy her. Still, this sexy image will be etched in our minds forever…or at least until Yuki erases it from our memory.


Miyuki Takara
“Lucky Star”

It’s already a given that Miyuki is a fine lady but she definitely drives the phrase crashing into sheer sexiness with her pic here. Innocent and delicate, doesn’t she remind us of Mikuru Asahina?


Lucia / Lucia Nanami
“Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi”

She’s the star of her show, so what make her different? Well, just when we thought all the other girls have outshone her when it comes to “the curves,” she struts her stuff and gained our respect. Look at that waistline! It’s enough to drive us into some lovely melody.


Yuki Nagato
“The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”

Whadoyouknow…the humanoid girl has some curves to show. Her body is as smooth as baby’s skin but as tough as the hardest metal. She may not be as curvaceous as Haruhi or Mikuru but she sure makes up for the sexiness factor the same way as Rei Ayanami – well, almost.


Cornelia Li Britannia
“Code Geass”

She brings hell to anyone who dare comes up against her and her will. She’s strong, scary and…oozing with sexiness? Whoa! The Britannian Commander does have a soft side and we’re not talking about her feeling for her family and subordinates.



Even as a living dead Kikyo manages to be beautiful and way sexier than her future incarnation. She would definitely win Inuyasha over Kagome if she comes up to the dog demon looking like this. But better not show it to Naraku…

sexy-kikyoCecile Croomy
“Code Geass”

The Britannian scientist can sure fire up chemicals inside our bodies. There’ve always been something sexy about Cecile – perhaps her smarts. But this time, there’s far more to this often overlooked character.


Forte Stollen
“Galaxy Angel”

Can you even tell that this sexy woman is the tomboyish, always-donning-military-suit-style, crazy member of the Angel Brigade? Having always  been seen her in thick outfits, this image finally declares her way hotter than any of her colleagues. Wait until she takes off the sarong on her waist.


Finally, the most surprisingly sexy anime babe in a bikini is…

Mihoshi Kuramitsu
“Tenchi Muyo”

This ditzy blonde space cop seen in a bikini could probably cause a planet-wide commotion. Her looks added to her carefree personality will blow any man (and some women) away. We would gladly commit crimes if she volunteers to escort us to prison and then discipline us.


In a sea of bikini-clad anime babes, only a handful gets to the top of the list. These girls may not be steaming hot, but they’re hot enough to gain your attention.


Babes on the Run

Alas! Despite the variety of anime babes images available for otakus to drool at there are still those babes who came and went without ever having any picture showing off some skin. Needless to say, it has poked a hole in our hearts; created a void in our being; and made us overly dramatic.

Here are some of the anime babes we may never see in a sexy bikini:


Hitomi Kanzaki
“The Vision of Escaflowne”

Hitomi, who usually travels to Gaea never got the chance to catchup with a photographer. She once took a photographer friend to Gaea but he fell in love with the place that he wandered and got lost. Last they heard, he was seen in Asturia taking photos of the ocean.

Megumi Takani
“Rurouni Kenshin”

Despite the flirtatous character, Megumi didn’t find it interesting to pose without her kimono. She had to protect her reputation as a doctor, she explained. And she certainly didn’t want some “spike-haired dog” to drool over her picture.

Yui Hongo
“Fushigi Yuugi”

After admitting defeat over Tamahome’s affection, Yui fell into depression and locked herself inside the Book of the Four Gods. No one has heard from her since.

Yomiko Readman
“Read Or Die”

She had once agreed to do a pictorial but as soon as the camera moved its shutter, Yomiko fired up red in embarrassment and, at last, accidentally manipulated all the photo papers, exposing them all under the hot sun, to cover herself. The photographer quit.

Yuuko Ichihara

What could be the consequence of Yuuko undressing for eager otakus? Ain’t it inevitable that she grace the covers of sexy anime magazines soon? Lots of questions and the Dimension Witch most probably knows the answer. Unfortunately, she’s not telling.