Riding along a field of clover: Yuuta Takemoto



Anime: Honey and Clover

Age: 19

Status: 2nd year Architecture Student

Residence: Apartment Room 202; Annaka City, Gunma-Ken

Hair: Gray/Ash Brown

Eyes: Dark Gray

Seiyuu: Hiroshi Kamiya


taken from an informal autobiographical essay by Takemoto Yuuta…

“When I was still young, wherever I went, it was always the same as I rode my blue bicycle. Then one day I wondered… how far could I ride without looking back?”

When I was young, I used to ride the bicycle with my father. I admire him very much. He loved my mother unconditionally. He taught me everything that made me who I am.


Even though my father spent only a short amount of time with my mother and me, no one could ever replace him. When I was younger I understood that clearly after my mother remarried. Kazuo Aida, a friendly and loud man, became my stepfather.

At first I found it hard to accept him. He’s the complete opposite of my father. But after seeing how much he loves my mother, and with my mother getting stressed at work, I began to acknowledge his efforts and now thinks my mother is better off with him than live alone since I go to college and live in an apartment.

My current residence is everything but normal. Morita-sempai is a firecracker that always manages to catch us off-guard. He’s definitely a source of comical relief. Though most of the time, he really scares me. Mayama-sempai is probably the only sane one in the apartment. He’s very responsible and that inspires me a lot.

Outside the apartment, I am considered a friend by Yamada-sempai who holds an unrequited love for Mayama-sempai. Then there’s Hanamoto-sensei who’s like a father to us.

And then there’s Hagumi or Hagu-chan as we call her. She’s probably the cutest person I’ve seen. She’s Hanamoto-sensei’s niece. I’ve become close to her and she’s a part of our group. She gets scared of Morita-sempai and I always like to look at her reactions. I feel very sorry for her.

“It feels strange. Until a few years ago we didn’t even know each other, but now we spend time together saying things like, ‘The sunset is so pretty,’ without even thinking about it. Thinking about things like that… actually, the sunset I see standing next to you is so pretty it hurts.”

We’ve spent a lot of time together and has gotten very close. Even after Mayama-sempai and Yamada-sempai have graduated, they still come to meet us every now and then. Mayama still chooses to live with us in the apartment despite his small success at work.

Actually, each of my friends are talented and successful. Even Hanamoto-sensei who have started writing a book. This makes me start to wonder if I could ever be just like them.


“…But I’ve realized why I’m lost. It’s not because I don’t have a map, it’s because I don’t have a destination.”

One day, I decided to ride my bike. I went to the northernmost part of the country and felt the importance of the life I left behind. After that journey, I think I’ve grown a little braver, a whole lot tougher. In fact, I think I’m sure I could tell now… just how much I feel… for her.

That’s right. I’m going to confess my feelings to her even if I understand that it could be nothing but an unrequited affection.


“While looking at everyone’s smiles, I remembered the blue sky I saw earlier from the embankment. A day when everything is perfect and when everthing will turn into memories will eventually come, but I’ll probably remember over and over again… you were there, and everyone else was there, the day when we all searched for just one thing. The blue sky, the smell of the wind, and a field of…”