I’m Too Sexy…


armstrong: is this sexy enough for you?

There is an interesting difference between a man and a woman’s view of the word “sexy.” For guys (or some of them), a sexy woman appears not without the image of a lovely scantily-clad babe. To a woman (or most of them), however, a scantily-clad hunk may not put out the same definition for the word. Just look at the ratio of sexy male and female images over the net or the magazines out there catering to men and women’s feel for some hot stuff.

Anime is no stranger to this point of view. There is no comparing between the number of sexy images of guys and girls over the internet. The babes far outnumber the hunks.

Yet perhaps this is because the hunks need not undress to show off their appeal to the girls? We seem to think so and thus we jutted down a list of the Hottest (Clothed) Guys in Anime.

Hey, it’s no fair for the girls to let only the guys be lavished with sheer sexiness during summer. So this becomes their share of the treat.

Anime dudes, listen up! After much deliberation and debate, only a handful made it to our list. The blessed ones. Those created to whoo the girls and heat up the room for them without even taking off their clothes.

Not a lot of guys are blessed with the right combination of looks and wits to match the anime dudes that would follow. So, lest you want to feel lower and more depressed than you already are with yourself, I suggest you steer away and forget you ever chanced upon this article.

: Treize Khushrenada of Gundam Wing


The antagonist of one of the Gundam series has the look and charm of royalty. His sharp stare is enough to drag the ladies to his side. And don’t say you didn’t notice the eyebrows. Treize has both the strength and cunning trait of a soldier in battle and the warmth and kindness of a Samaritan. He’s determined to fight for his belief but as much  ready to let go of those ideals when the situation calls for it. Treize is a man of a few words and much action.

: Kaji Ryouji of Neon Genesis Evangelion


Notice how his hair seem unruly and his looks seem to linger to the rough side. Kaji had lived a very tough life, yet his kind demeanor in front of those around him seems to throw out any hint of what he had gone through. Or is it mere acting on his side? After all, Kaji is a double agent. Only one woman probably knows his real side which makes knowing him quite a challenge. But don’t fret. Kaji seems to be a flirt and may easily give in to a woman. Just make sure not to get burned when this double agent gets to hot to handle. Kaji is as mysterious as he can be rough and wild.

: Ken Hidaka of Weiss Kreuz


Yes, yes, all the boys of Weiss Kreuz are hot. But Ken seems to exude something different. His mild nature seems to come out more than Aya; he can be as funny but cuter than Yoji; and with more of a touch of maturity compared to Omi. Ken, who uses his fist to fight (with his bagh nakh or tiger claws of course) which makes a fight for him tougher because of the close range against his enemy. But Ken easily disposes them all with the agility he earned being a member of the J-League. Working in a flower shop in the morning and teaching kids soccer however, makes him look very sweet and caring. Ken is as sharp and dangerous as a tiger claw but as one saying goes: A lion (or a tiger) is just a giant pussycat.

: Son Gohan of DragonBall Z


We’ve known Son Gohan ever since he was cute kid. He grew up to be a cute lad with spiked hair almost like his father’s. Then he became older, sported short spikes, and at times wore eyeglasses. With many of the cast of Dragon Ball Z looking strong and suprisingly muscular, Son Gohan swayed a little from the stereotypes and drew his own path. He became known as the intellectual. He was more in touch with being a human than being a Saiyan. His power may have lessened because of this yet he stood out of the many muscular guys in the series. You can’t deny a good-looking young man with a healthy brain and body, wouldn’t you? Son Gohan is not your typical Saiyan.

: Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop


If the way he dons his suit doesn’t get your attention, perhaps his Jet Kune Do moves will? Or maybe his cool, red space ride. Or his hair. Whatever it may be, you can’t get it wrong with Spike. He’s one of the best dressed anime guys. His personality is a good combination of seriousness and wit. And he perfectly understands how to love a woman. He is known for his cool demeanor, taking things lightly. Perhaps this is because of the way he has lived with Jet as a bounty hunter. Yup, he doesn’t have the most stable of jobs. But he manages to live free as a bird. Wouldn’t anyone like that? Spike sure knows the ways of the word “cool.”

: Tamahome of Fushigi Yuugi


Okay, so he’s been undressed in a number of episodes in his series, but admit it, it’s not just that which makes him endearing. In case you haven’t noticed, he is a man easily able to express his deep affection for Miaka. How many guys can do that? He lives, breathes to protect his Miko and the love that they feel for each other. He also understands that he musn’t do “it” with the priestess lest they face the terrible consequence of losing to the Seiryuu country. Oh, if only all men can do that and wait for the right time… Tamahome is also funny and can be clumsy at times, making him imperfect and more loveable. Tamahome is as detemined and true as a love arrow piercing through a woman’s heart.

…and the Hottest (Clothed) Guy in Anime is…

: Sol Zagato of Magic Knight Rayearth


He was introduced as the antagonist of his show only for the situation to tumble the other way around, making him a victim of a world’s cruel law. He was steadfast in his honesty and love to the pillar of Cephiro. He was ready to face and battle the harsh consequences of taking the pillar of Cephiro to himself. Selfish? Perhaps. But who could deny a man of loving a woman. In front of him, the pillar cried for mercy, for keeping her would mean the destruction of everything. Yet Sol Zagato stayed true to his intentions, and in the end proving his heart to be as pure as that of the pillar’s. He was more than ready to die for love. Sol Zagato have loved way more than any man has.