Love Defined By A Persocom



It hasn’t been that long since technology, mainly in the form of computers, had made our lives better. Technological developments hasn’t stopped since, paving the way for more advancements we’ve never imagined.

In the world of Chobits, a manga/anime from CLAMP, technology has gone way farther than our reality – at least with the concept of computers. No more are personal computers four-sided and placed in a desk. The computer has become more than just a mere thing, and the word “personal” can be aptly used for it. In fact, it may be the perfect word to describe it.

Persocoms are the new fad. They come in different shapes and sizes. Much like humans. In fact, they are human-looking. They are human-sounding. They operate much like their creators.

This innovation, in itself, have created much conflict in the lives of different
(and real) people whose fates are about to intertwine in this short series from the people behind some of the most beloved stories in animedom.

It might be decades before we humans will ever create something as complex as persocoms. But if ideas and imagination are the first building blocks leading to invention, then we’ve made our first step to achieving it.

Now isn’t it about time to let more people know about this? And there’s no better way to do it than to air it out over man’s greatest invention so far – the television. Here are some good reasons to air Chobits over our local channels:

Technological Inspiration


The concept of human robots is not something new for it has been thought of decades ago. Yet Chobits presents this concept in a very fresh way, a point of view that no one else has done. Personal computers looking like humans? That is way better than the best laptops and cell phones out in the market. Man can finally have a two-way communication with his gadgets. And finally, it’s okay to have one’s computer operating non-stop and be with it every time of the day.

Deeper Human Understanding

A big problem with having computers seem human is its effect on the relationship between real humans. Chobits presents a good understanding of how humans fill their need for companionship. Persocoms have started to provide the same comfort that people once provided each other. So what does that mean for humans who feel true emotions? Can wires, computer plates and discs replace a human?

CLAMP Cuteness and Complexity


CLAMP is now known for its simplistic style of animation. Chobits is no exception to this with its main character being one of the cutest there has ever been. But do not be deceived. CLAMP is also known for complex stories divulging the human emotion. In each of CLAMP’s story is a deep understanding of concepts like love – which happens to be their forte.

The Hard Lesson

How does one really define love? Chobits revolves around the most explored but undefined of human emotions and challenges one to view what love could really be. And with the introduction of persocoms, the human “relationship” is never the same.