Deaths in Anime


anime grave

No, I’m not going to talk about the various characters that have died in anime. This is actually about the death that is inevitable – not in the anime world – but in the anime industry.

Recently, another anime magazine reached it extinction. Anime Insider, touted as America’s number one anime magazine, reached its final destination, ceasing publication on April 2009. It had run for 8 long years. According to Rob Bricken, former editor of the magazine, the editorial staff had been laid off.
Anime Insider Farewell

I could not believe it when I found out. There I was in front of the computer, typing a message for Mr. Bricken that he is one of my inspirations for writing anime articles. I praised him for his writing talent and his wits that were obvious in every article he had written (or at least the ones I had read). Then I clicked send and the email message went into cyberspace. A few hours after that the shocking news came to me as I was looking for Anime Insider covers on Google. Anime Insider is no more.

I recalled years back when Questor Magazine had its final issue. Questor seemed to have ceased publication around April. Back then, the last issue had the Hamtaro cover. For months, I kept on peeking at magazine shops, waiting for any surprise from my beloved magazine. But no. Questor was gone.

But then, the biggest surprise came to me when I was walking around a supermarket and caught sight of a CardCaptor Sakura picture in a magazine cover. Then it dawned on me. I’ve been staring at a new Questor Magazine issue! Nothing would’ve made me happier that day and in the few months to come.

Though sadly, it seemed that Questor’s then hiatus was a prerequisite to something worse. After its March Issue in ABS-CBN Publishing Questor reached its end. Sadly, it was for real.

Just when I thought my appetite for anime would be completely gone, I saw another magazine in the supermarket. It was Anime Insider, a US magazine with very good articles and monthly features. The only glitch to this magazine was that it wasn’t locally sold here like other US magazines. This meant I had to regularly look out for issues in every Booksale branch I could go to.

For years, I was only able to collect 9 issues of this one-of-a-kind magazine. After hearing the sad news, I remembered the issues I saw years back and regretted not buying them. Now, there’s no other anime magazine to fill my need for inspiration in writing.

I tried buying other magazines, local and some from the US, but they weren’t as good. Now, I (and hundreds of others) could only look back at two of the best anime magazines that came our way. Questor Magazine and Anime Insider will remain deeply etched in our hearts.