My Name is…Syaoran


One Syaoran…two Syaorans…three Syaorans…

Exactly how many Syaorans are there? Know how to count? Then let’s start and find out.

Syaoran Li
One came from HongKong who left for Japan to collect the Clow Cards. Another came from Japan and was sent to a different dimension for a huge mission. And the other came from a place of sand and sun and a huge undiscovered artifact.

All are descendants of a powerful magician.

Clone Syaoran
One appeared a snob at first, too focused on his mission. Another is mild-mannered but possessed a strong willingness to help. And the other is mild-mannered but soon threw away his sanity for the sake of his mission.

All feel a strong affection for the girl they are protecting.

"Syaoran" Li
One is 10 years old at the time of his appearance. Another was 7 when he set out to do his cross-dimensional journey. And the other is 14 when he began his search for memories.

All sport the same hairstyle with brown hair and eyes.

One is now a father, married to his long-time girlfriend. He has a son whom he let use his own name to protect the child’s real identity. Another is a son who was sent by his mother to a different world to save a princess and was given the same name by his father to protect his own identity. And the other was a copy of a young man who wanted to save a princess and was lent a portion of a human heart.

All was willing to give his life for his mission to protect.

One was voiced by seiyuu Motoko Kumai. The two others, by Miyu Irino.

All were perfectly voiced.

A father. A son. A copy. Could even be like a twin brother.

All part of one, same family.

…But then there’s another one. A copy and an original. The same person yet different. He has his own name and character enough to be unique but his fate is the same as the one from whom he came from. Therefore, he must never disappear, for doing so would also mean the vanishing of the young man who is the same as he.

Watanuki Kimihiro

Now how many Syaorans are there?