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yuuko lie down

Everything is inevitable. And for the witch dimension Yuuko Ichihara, nothing in life is without a reason for being.

Every word, every action happens for a reason. An unlikely encounter leads to something; an impulse manifests into an action; and every action produces a consequence of equal weight.

This mysterious knowledge is what drives various souls into Yuuko’s shop looking for a way to see through their dilemmas. And Yuuko awaits them in her front door, all-knowing of their desires and ready with the solution.

But life is one hard bargain and this dimension witch knows this truth more than anyone else. Hence, she reminds her customers of the hefty charge involved in the deal.

“Are you ready for the price?”

Yet for some, price is never a question. There are customers ready to make a deal despite the heavy consequence. Ready to risk it all, they’d do anything to get rid of their problems. And how can a bargain-loving witch refuse?

From the most typical stranger to the most unlikely of travelers, Yuuko’s shop welcomes them all.

Here are some of Yuuko’s more ordinary customers and how her outstanding service helped them one way or another.

: Lady Lie (episode 2)
xxxholic ep2

Right after Yuuko met Watanuki and made the poor guy her maid, a lady came into the shop unknowing of her action. She’s been having a problem with moving her pinky. Yuuko asked her about any habit that she couldn’t quit but she dismissed it. She could never remember any. Yuuko handed her a ring and asked that she wear it all the time. It turned out that everything happened because of a bad habit of lying. Yuuko told her never to take off the ring and when she did, a black cloud engulfed her and rendered her unmoving in the middle of traffic. She paid the mistake with her own life after getting run over by a truck.

: Virtual addiction (episode 6)
xxxholic ep6

Yuuko learned about the problem of a woman she met over the internet and decided to drop by the woman’s house when she and Watanuki went strolling in Ginza. The woman had an online addiction and this had started to cause problems with her family. Yuuko, who just bought a baseball bat, decided to help the woman by destroying the computer. Although Yuuko knew that the woman could buy another computer after she and Watanuki have left, Yuuko made sure that the woman had said she would try to cure her problem by herself.

: The Rain child (episode 7)
xxxholic ep7

In the middle of a rainy day, a peculiar lady in an umbrella dropped by Yuuko’s shop to ask for Watanuki’s help. Watanuki and Doumeki came to a giant hydrangea plant that oddly produced red flowers. Upon closer investigation, Watanuki found a child’s corpse underneath the plant and almost took him with her. The dead had been making the flowers red. Days after the 10-hour struggle for Watanuki’s life, the rain child brought a “tube fox” as payment to Watanuki.

:Five wishes (episode 8)
xxxholic ep8

Passing by Yuuko’s shop, a lady was mesmerized by the bunch of artifacts she saw in the front yard. She came in and took notice of a cylinder. Yuuko gave it to her with the promise to never open it. When it was accidentally opened, inside was the legendary “monkey’s hand” which the lady had read about capable making every wish come true. She started wishing for things she desired and for every granted wish, the finger snapped broken. Once she had used all of her wishes, the hand took her own life, grabbing her in the neck.

: Twin trouble (episode 14)
xxxholic ep14

Watanuki and Doumeki met a pair of identical twins with opposite luck. One was optimistic and cute while the other tries to compete but to no avail. She just kept on bleeding whenever she looks down on herself for not being like her younger sister. Watanuki introduced her to Yuuko and the solution to her dilemma was to look different from her twin. She decided to have her hair cut and gave the strands to Yuuko as payment. What the twin had was apparently the problem of being tied down to words coming from her younger twin though neither of them noticed it.

: Picture-perfect crime (episode 20)
xxxholic ep20

A woman came to Yuuko’s shop begging to help her throw away a picture that had been haunting her since her sister’s death. One time, Watanuki saw the woman’s sister in the picture eerily moved and be pushed to her death. The woman turned out to have ill remorse over what had happened. Yuuko granted the woman’s wish – and the picture disappeared like dust – but brought down a heavy consequence. The woman must never be captured by any electronic device or the moving image in the picture will be witnessed by everyone. And with the technology of today, there is only one thing for the woman to do to keep herself safe: lock herself forever.

: The kidnapped spirit (kei episode 3)
xxxholickei ep3

The Karasu Tengu, a group of spirits that look after the Zashiki-Warashi, came to Yuuko for help one day. Turned out, Zashiki Warashi was kidnapped and taken to a place where good spirits cannot enter. Watanuki and his fox tube pet went to the place and found Zashiki-Warashi trapped on a giant spider web. Watanuki finally met the ruler of the spiders who has been keeping his right eye – the payment for destroying the spider’s web in Doumeki’s family temple. Before leaving Yuuko’s shop, the Karasu Tengu had given their payment to Yuuko – the fan of the Tengu, which Yuuko said was too much for saving the Zashiki-Warashi.

: Hearing Things (kei episode 8)
xxxholickei ep8

A young lady came to Yuuko’s shop, hoping to find a solution to the frightening sounds she hears in her house. Yuuko gave her a bell but it seems the thing was not working. It only made the sounds worse. Yuuko added another bell. In the end, the young lady had to keep a handful of bells with her. But the frightening sounds got even worse. Soon, the room was exorcised and the young lady turned out to be a ghost that does not belong in that room. So her wish to make her place less frightening came true.