Miyuki-chan in CrazyLand


What is her name?

miyuki-chan fall
She answers Miyuki. Then she is stripped off to her bunny panties by some scantily-clad buxom.

Miyuki runs, escaping the nightmare she had been in, wondering how she even got into the strange place with the strangest people. She mutters “I’m not even married yet!” disturbed from the thought of anyone other than a husband-to-be seeing her naked body.

Then she awakens from her dream and sigh a breath of relief.

But the very same thing that pulled her into the dream shows itself again. The dream never ends…

This is how the world flows for Miyuki-chan, one of CLAMP’s most used character. She has appeared in numerous CLAMP creations, the most recent being Tsubasa Chronicle where she had been seen with a slice of toast in her mouth. In CLAMP School Detectives, she was part of one episode where she needed the help of the campus trio.

CLAMP’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland, Miyuki is thrown into different worlds much to her disdain. 7 different worlds to be exact.

In Wonderland, she met the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire cat, among others; In MirrorLand, she was forced to play chess with Humpty Dumpty; When she missed watching a movie on TV, she was sucked into TV Land and met a S&M Empress; Then she played strip Mahjong with 3 women from Mahjong Land; In Video Game Land, she had to dress up and defeat the End Lord; And in X Land, she played the role of Kamui and felt the confusion of choosing “Dragon” sides.

All of these happening and then disappearing like nothing else happened but only to end up in the beginning, creating a dizzying cycle for poor Miyuki.

There’s no deep story, just semi-erotic fun with an innocent girl as the lead.

Who is Miyuki, you ask?

Which is Miyuki?

Well, much like the worlds she had gone to, her identity is also something undisclosed. She just passes by like all of the characters. But one thing known about Miyuki is that she was voiced by Mariko Koda.