Questor Creates Controversy!?!


Questor Vol 2 No 2 Cover

Questor Magazine had been making waves since it started a few months back (this is talking 9 years ago), but no one was ready when it created a tsunami-like force on its Volume 02, Number 02 issue!

Questor Vol 2 No 2 Editorial Contents and Regular

Coming out in a striking-red-color-dominated image of Miaka and Tamahome, Questor’s February issue was more than what was in the cover. Far more!

Questor Vol 2 No 2 Feature Article1

The issue started out with an eye-opening and thought-provoking article by Francis Ibanez on the topic of piracy. At the time, almost every aspect of the anime industry is being targeted by pirates. Even Questor Magazine itself was bootlegged, with their pages turned into four-paneled posters!

Questor Vol 2 No 2 Feature Article2

Noticeable throughout the issue were information and images from a then new series by Gainax – Kareshi Kanojo No Jijyo. Igor Cabbab gave readers a preview of the series, with reviews from him and EIC Bambi. The lead characters were also made Anime Couple for the issue.

Questor Vol 2 No 2 Feature Article3

Johann Louie Ong introduced readers to the Ah My Goddess anime and a Valentine’s Special page listed down the best in every “lovely” category for anime’s lovey-dovey couples.

Questor Vol 2 No 2 Anime Valentines

Right in the middle of the magazine, Questor put up an episode guide like no other. With the quick rise of Fushigi Yuugi on local TV and the endearment felt among local otakus, the magazine presented a complete episode guide to the beloved series. But not without a hefty price (think ala Yuuko Ichihara here).

Questor Vol 2 No 2 Feature Article4

Y’see, somewhere along the pages of the rather innocent episode guide was a snippet of an article entitled “Daikirai Fushigi Yuugi” (I Hate Fushigi Yuugi) written by Questor EIC Bambi. Later on, this small voicing out of opinion would create a big fuss and one that would create a division between fans and non-fans of FY. Better watch out for the next issues!

Questor Vol 2 No 2 Regular Articles1

Otaku In Focus introduced an anime lover by the name of John Paras. His excessive love for Voltes V was obvious through his intricate creations of carton and clay Voltes V ships that can transform into the popular robot. Thought Balloons featured anime-ish American comics while Backbyte took on the topic of online meeting for mutual understanding.

Questor Vol 2 No 2 Regular Articles2

Questor Vol 2 No 2 Regular Articles3

Anime 101 talked about the differences in anime eyes and how they help create character. Watashi-tachi put the spotlight on Creative Dept. Supervisor Jess Matro.

Questor Vol 2 No 2 Doujin Drawing Board

Lastly, Doujin Drawing Board had too many beautiful artworks that they decided to hand out three Picks: Cool, Color, and Cutie won by Jose Carlo Mendoza, Meloy Lazaro and Mariel Rhai Siscar respectively.

Questor had so much love in this issue, and it’s only been six months total since they started. But watch out, the “Daikirai FY” article receives its payback by the coming issues.


My Take on the Issue

The “Daikirai FY” article may have been almost a decade old now, but I still remember the shock that it left me feeling. I’m not a Fushigi Yuugi fan (really!) but I wasn’t sure I would’ve liked dissing it just to make a point.

Tama diss Miaka and Yui

I think Questor EIC Bambi Eloriaga made a big mistake by putting out her opinion – and on the FY article page nonetheless, which only makes the impact stronger (it was a black smudge on that clean white FY article).

With all due respect, she should have kept her opinions to herself. She should have given FY fans a chance to love both the series and the magazine more with that simple episode guide. The disclaimer was not helpful at all. It only made people want to read the snippet for whatever its worth.

I remember reading an email sent by a fan to Anime Insider asking if the staff puts out articles from anime that they don’t like. If I remember correctly, Rob Bricken explained that there are different fans out there and they all have different taste in anime.

“If it’s not good, it won’t reach print,” talking about how an article that is not good for any anime will never be put out in the magazine. Why? Because fans look forward to seeing their favorites and the magazine is responsible for delivering the goods to them. Also, DVD companies are on the look out for good reviews about the anime they sell. Therefore, the magazine can choose to either write something about an anime they don’t like and be rewarded for it or not write anything at all to keep themselves safe from anguished fans. If it’s not good, it won’t reach print…

Which is something that I think Questor should have done. But hey, it’s all history now and I guess, so far, what they did turned out to be one heck of an experience – one that would never be forgotten both among FY fans and non-FY-fans.