Duality in Unity: Yin Yang, CLAMP style


While many manga and anime artists inject the concept of two differing and opposing forces in their creations, they are never close to how often (and equally good) CLAMP does it.

Yin Yang Mokona Modoki
Two opposing forces – one light, the other dark – usually make its way thru CLAMP’s creations, making for deeper and more complex characters and situations.

As Yin Yang naturally goes for CLAMP, a character can either be good or evil, darkness or light. A character goes through the struggles to make ends meet with its counterpart. In the end, it becomes clear that one may not completely exist without the other – a rather symbiotic relationship entangled in a web of strife and pain, and/or joy and peace.

This Chinese concept that can be described as governing the workings of the entire universe is what makes CLAMP’s stories and characters intriguing and endearing and is notable in each of the following CLAMP characters:

Hikaru Shidou and Nova (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Yin Yang Hikaru and Nova

Nova had been waiting for Hikaru and when the Magic Knight did come back to Cephiro, she had been willing to do anything to keep Hikaru to herself. She was violent and selfish enough to pull Hikaru away from those who love her.

Hikaru never knew the existence of Nova until she made it back to Cephiro. Since then, despite Nova’s tormenting, Hikaru did not falter. She never wanted to hurt Nova and she managed to find a way to stop Nova from causing too much harm for her and for everyone.

Nova turned out to be a sentient being magically formed from the guilt and pain that Hikaru unknowingly left in Cephiro after destroying its Pillar. When Hikaru learned about this, Nova’s strength started to falter. In the end, Hikaru pulled Nova back into her heart where she originally belonged.

Two Syaorans (Tsubasa Chronicle)

Yin Yang Syaoran and Syaoran
When Syaoran was held captive by Fei Wong Reed, he met his clone and gave him a part of his heart. When he finally escaped Fei Wong Reed, he met his clone again and took back the heart that he had lent.

Clone Syaoran lost his mind after Syaoran took his heart during their inevitable meeting. He became obsessed with gathering Sakura’s feathers and would do anything to achieve his end, even if it means killing his original counterpart.

In their final battle in Clow Country, Clone Syaoran gave his final blow to Syaoran much to Fei Wong Reed’s amazement. He took Syaoran to Fei Wong Reed but Syaoran managed to stab the powerful magician. Clone Syaoran never intended to kill Syaoran and had stabbed his own foot instead. When Fei Wong Reed used his magic to kill Syaoran, Clone Syaoran took the blow and died. But not before asking for apology from everyone.

Kamui Shirou and Fuma Monou (X1999)

Yin Yang Kamui and Fuma
Kamui came back to Tokyo to either grant the world’s end or save it from utter destruction. The time that he chooses a side between the Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven, another star will appear to become his counterpart.

Fuma have always looked after his sickly sister. Living together in a temple, he never had any negative thoughts and have always shown kindness. But when Kamui finally chose a side to fight with, Fuma unwillingly became his counterpart. He lost all his senses and succumbed to violence and hate.

In a cruel twist of fate, only one must survive between Kamui and Fuma. It was obvious that Kamui would succeed, for Fuma had become very different and did not possess the stronger will. Kamui was able to kill him and quickly after the skirmish, cradled Fuma’s decapitated head in his arms.

Yue and Keroberos (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Yin Yang Keroberos and Yue
Keroberos is the guardian of the Clow Book and the Clow Cards that reside in it. When a young girl accidentally dispersed the Clow Cards and became the Cardcaptor, he stayed by her side to teach her everything he knew about Clow’s magical cards. His power comes from the Sun.

Yue is the final judge for the Cardcaptor. He possesses the powers of the Moon and of all the Clow Cards under it.

Keroberos and Yue have always been on the lookout for the new Cardcaptor. They made sure that the right person was given the tedious task. As the new Cardcaptor’s allies, their mission is to serve and protect the Cardcaptor at all times.

Chii and Freya (Chobits)

Yin Yang Chii and Freya
Freya was a persocom born out of the loneliness of a married couple who never had their own child. But soon, Freya developed emotions close to that of humans. But alas! her love was unrequited and she fell ill.

Chii was created to make Freya feel better. At first it was good. But Freya could not control her emotion and broke down. Chii then took Freya’s heart and decided to find someone who would be able to love her unconditionally.

Chii and Freya have since shared the same mechanical body. Freya’s memory looked after her little sister and confronted Hideki about his feelings for Chii. In the end, they both found someone who would love them no matter who or what they were.

Syaoran and Watanuki Kimihiro (Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHOLIC)

Yin Yang Syaoran and Watanuki
Syaoran came to Clow Country for a mission to save a princess. When he failed to do so, he wished for time to flow back and let him do the mission again and successfully. Fei Wong Reed granted his wish but for a hefty price. He was magically imprisoned and was cloned for Fei Wong’s personal gain.

When Syaoran wished for time to flow back, Fei Wong Reed granted it despite being a big taboo. Thus, Watanuki was born. Watanuki was created to fill the void in Syaoran’s relationship with people especially his parents that was created after Syaoran’s final wish. Therefore, he became Syaoran in Japan while the real Syaoran can never go back.

Syaoran is Watanuki. Watanuki is Syaoran. The two share a common fate. A strong reason why Syaoran reminds Watanuki to never disappear.

The Dragons of Earth and Dragons of Heaven (X1999)

Yin Yang Heaven and Earth
The Dragons of Heaven is a group of people with special abilities that they could use to protect humanity. They believe that humanity is just as precious as the Earth and therefore must be out of harm. Any misunderstanding for the Dragon’s of Heaven can be peacefully resolved.

Bearing no strong ties between humanity, the Dragons of Earth believe that the very planet had been suffering because of man. Therefore, this group would stop at nothing to fulfill their mission of protecting Earth at the cost of human life.

On the Promised Day, a great battle between the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth would happen, deciding the fate of Man and Earth.