Evil Inside…


There is a thin line between good and evil. This holds true for two of the most bada** characters in animedom: Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) and Light Yagami (DeathNote).

Both guys have endured a life of struggle and pai and spent days of ease and comfort, surrounded by love from others.  Both have dreamt of a new and brighter future and have done whatever it took to realize their dreams – even at the cost of another person’s life.

In the end, these two have become the monsters and megalomaniacs of our modern days. And who would have guessed that everything sprouted from the purest of intentions.

This is a tale of two evils. animeHOLIC traces the lives of these two individuals: their happiness, strife, and what it took for them to make the move which lead to their untimely demise.

Innocent Beginnings

Simple Lelouch
Lelouch was a talented student of Ashford Academy. He was popular with the girls not just because of his status as member of the Student Council but also because of his striking looks. It didn’t matter if Lelouch was not athletic at all. His wit was more than enough to gather everyone’s attention.

Simple Light
Undeniably, Light had a bright future ahead. He was the best in his class, he was on his way to a good college and he possessed the attitudes of a good son.

But deep inside these two individuals was the turmoil of emotion building up – a discontent with the world around them that would eventually make them step up and try to change things.

His dark past was something that Lelouch have kept hidden all these years. Nobody knew that he was a son of the Emperor of Britannia and that he and his sister were banished to Area 11 after the death of their mother. The deep anger inside him and his wish to make a better world for his blind and crippled sister Nunnally have always been a drive strong enough to make him go up against the World Power that is Britannia.

Out of boredom and frustration for the things happening around him, Light had the idea to make the world a better place by killing off criminals to keep the innocents safe.

New Power, New Identity

Neither of these two would have probably been brave enough to confront the world had they not discovered a power way beyond their knowledge.

Light and Death Note
When Light discovered the Death Note, he was reluctant to use it but nevertheless tried it on a criminal on the news. Then he used it to save a woman from a gang of misfits. Since then, he thought he would be able to bring justice to victims and keep would-be law offenders from even thinking of doing any misdeed. From then on, people have named the great provider of justice and murderer of criminals as Kira (killer).

Lelouch and Geass
After saving a mysterious lady from a band of thieves, Lelouch found himself caught by Britannian soldiers who wanted the lady back. Not wanting to die, Lelouch was given the mysterious power called Geass. With it, he was able to command the soldiers to kill themselves. Lelouch then thought such power would be able to help him rid of the Britannian soldiers off Area 11 and finally bring to its knees the World Power that have destroyed his and his sister’s lives as well as the countries and its people who have been under its mercy. From then on, Lelouch hid himself behind a mask and became known as Zero.

The Thin Line between Good and Evil

It’s safe to say that neither of these two ever wanted to kill off someone whom they think did not deserve to die. But as the wheel of karma began to turn for them, fate thrusted them deeper into their own grave as payment for their actions.

Evil Lelouch
Princess Euphemia wanted to build a new country for the Japanese. However, during the ceremony, Lelouch’s uncontrollable power struck Euphemia and turned her into a murderer. Lelouch had no choice but to kill her to stop the rampage.

He was also willing to kill Suzaku who was getting in his way of building a better future.

Evil Light
Light would never allow himself to be caught so he killed off just about anyone whom he thought was getting in his way. Raye Penber and Naomi Misora were just two of the innocents Light had to throw off after the FBI agents came to Japan to investigate him. Then there was the Police Director Takimura whom he had no choice but to dispose to prevent the exchange of the Death Note. And for a second, he even thought of killing his own sister Sayu just to prevent the Death Note from passing onto someone else.

In order to protect themselves and their dreams, these two were willing to play the god of death, believing it’s the only way to rid the world of all its sin.

An End to Evil

The ground had been set. Fate has stopped its motion. The graves had been dug for these two evil-incarnates.

The Death of Light

Light, finally caught by Near went insane and tried to write the investigator’s name on the Death Note. He was shot by Matsuda though who was infuriated with the fact the Light did not seem to care about his own father’s death. Light was able to escape and when he caught up with Ryuk, the shinigami killed him using his Death Note.

The Death of Lelouch
The guilt of having killed countless number of people has finally taken its toll on Lelouch. In a parade to celebrate his glory as the new Emperor of Britannia, Zero appeared in front of everyone to reclaim the people’s trust. Zero stabbed Lelouch and killed him instantly. Unbeknownst to all except Nunnally, the killing was planned and was a way for Lelouch to atone for all his crimes and to take away the people’s attention from the “Massacre Princess” Euphemia.

In the end, the very people who wanted to bring out justice for everyone were also the ones who took it away. Finally, it was also justice that brought them down, creating once again a semblance of peace.