Knights out for a Hunt


Keep your guards up. They’re lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to make their assault. Four cats, claws luminous in the dark, await their victim – helpless or not.

Don’t fret though. These guys don’t go after the innocents, although they’d gladly dispose minds intent on doing misdeeds anytime.

Do you know who they are? Do you remember the guys of the white cross?

Does the name Knight Hunters ring a bell? A cat’s bell perhaps?

White Cross with Blood Red
Before the end of the millennium, the Knight Hunters anime came to bring local otakus to the world of assassins. Weiss Kreuz (locally known as Knight Hunters), a 25-episode anime, introduced four (hot and steaming) young assassins who go by feline names during their assignments at night. By daytime, they earn their keep as flower shop employees.

Aya, Yoji, Ken and Omi are given assignments by a mysterious man codenamed Persia. These missions usually involve mysterious disappearances of different individuals.

Aya with a katana
Each Knight Hunter wields a weapon which they use ably to complete every mission. Aya swings a katana, Yoji pulls out a garotte wire, Ken punches with his clawed gauntlet and Omi shoots darts and projectiles.

Like the mysterious missions they plunge into, the reasons behind the formation of the Knight Hunters is unknown, though only in the beginning. Each episode brings a hint of what had happened to each Knight Hunter.

Omi: Let's watch Manx

Remember how most of the missions involve beautiful people and mostly women? Yes, along with the pretty boys come pretty girls. It’s only natural.

But don’t be fooled by all the bishie-ness in front of you. Knight Hunters has a dark story, centering on cult practices – with Aya (the real one) becoming the host to bring to life a sect leader.

Two Ayas!?
Aya and the rest of the band must make sure to stop the family of Takatori from taking control of everything. But there are lots of questions unanswered along the way, some opening more complicated twists and turns for these guys in white cross.