Mecha Mayhem in Questor


Questor Vol 02 No 3 Cover

3M: March Mecha Madness! This is how Questor Magazine sums up their Volume 02 Number 03 issue. Well, the cover itself says it all. Questor turns mechanical for their latest issue (of course this is talking 9 years ago), dishing out some electrical wires and metal plates for eager otakus.

Questor Vol 02 No 03 Contents and Editorial

Questor Vol 02 No 3 Feature Article 1

The issue starts with a look-back at one of the coolest robot to come out before the Transformers: Macross! Do you remember that anime? (author’s note: Heck! I’ve never seen any episode from this show). But it’s safe to bet that you know the mecha, right?

Questor Vol 02 No 03 Feature Article and Anime Armor

Next is a breakdown on an on-going anime (at that moment): Bubblegum Crisis. Questor chewed out some differences between two BGC series – old and new. The Hard Suits were also featured in Anime Armor of the month.

Questor Vol 02 No 03 Feature Article with Animemelodies and 101

Then a treat to new local Gundam fans. At the time, three installments of the popular mecha series have reached Philippine shores (well, I’m not sure about the old series since I’m too young to know that). Sidney Ang dished out the plot of Gundams Wing, X, and G as well as a surprising truth about the series production. Then, Animelodies had the lines to the first opening song and the ending song to Gundam Wing. Anime 101 answered two questions relating to Heero Yuy and his Gundam.

Questor Vol 02 No 03 Thought Balloons and Audio Files

Continuing the mecha madness, Questor had a review about a Gundam Wing console, a Guyver manga and anime mecha CD intro, and a look at the different mechas in anime.

Questor Vol 02 No 03 Anime Continuum

Anime Continuum had 1 page provided for mecha anime. It also included the likes of BTX and Gasaraki.

Questor Vol 02 No 03 Manga

And as added treat to (older) otakus, they included a chapter of a manga of one of the most defining anime in Phil. history – Voltes V!

Questor Vol 02 No 03 Otaku in Focus

The magazine also paved way for a special otaku named Richie Ramos who collects Gundam models and paints them himself.

Questor Vol 02 No 03 Watashi-tachi with Fight and anime

Fight! put together three different but similarly buxom ladies to duke it out (sexy) with each other; Visual Artist, Rey Limoneras is put on the spotlight in Watashi-tachi; and @nime links otakus to a Macross website.

Questor Vol 02 No 03 Doujin Drawing Board

Lastly, the Doujin Drawing Board is again bombarded by talented otakus, showing off their anime renderings. Three lucky otakus were chosen for the month’s pick: Lyns for Couple Pick, Maybelle B. Sibayan for Angelic Pick and Jose Arboleda Jr for Nice Pose Pick! WAITASEC! THE LAST ONE’S MY NAME!

(Yup, my efforts have been rewarded. After sending three artworks (all original, mind you) to the magazine, one finally made it to an issue – and won! Although I never really went to get any prize as they say in the magazine. I thought seeing my name there was more than enough to make me happy…)

Summer vacation (that’s April 2001) is just around the corner. Will the magazine sizzle with some hot, hot, hot pics ala FHM? Or lament with some religious anime in time for the Holy Week? Perhaps both? Hmmm…