Check the Dress Code


To wear or not to wear? Uniforms, that is.

Students in uniform
The world we have today is one where diversity is accepted and freedom to express oneself is observed. So in such a condition, is the idea of wearing uniforms in school ought to be disposed so that one may be able to be and act as oneself?

When a lot of students take the uniform as a symbol of control over their freedom, they overlook the fact that the uniform is actually more of a symbol of equality.

Observed in various countries, the wearing of uniforms has become a sign of obedience and cooperation. In Japan, wearing uniforms had been standard since it was introduced by Westerners.

Thus, today the mere wearing of uniforms has seeped through the natural artistry of the country. Now, various students have begun to alter their uniforms to promote a very own style, a very own expression. Uniforms have become a cool representation of youth.

Uniforms in most anime are drawn from real life in Japan. However, some (exaggeratedly done ones) are mere pigments of artistic imagination. Yet one thing is for sure: the idea of wearing uniforms had been taken a notch higher, earning more interest and appreciation from those who wear them.

Not just a symbol of equality (and control) anymore, uniforms have become a channel for students to be and act as themselves.

Think wearing uniform is cool now? No?

Well, the following are just some of the anime with the most notable uniforms. Hope they patch in some good reasons why wearing uniforms can be very cool:

Seiyo Elementary (Shugo Chara)

anime uniform - shugo chara
It’s cute punk goth look in perfectly blending colors of black, red and white. A black jacket is worn over a white blouse with sleeves folded up. A red short tartan skirt in black and white matches a pair of legwarmers of the same design. Serving as focal point is a red necktie. This look also goes well with some goth accessories like a cross hair ornament.

* (School Days)

anime uniform - school days
Flattering black is the dominant color of this uniform with white blouse underneath. There are two styles available for the blazer: an ordinary one and one with cut sleeves, double breasted and a collar that cuts down below the chest area. Both uniforms have a red ribbon as its focal point and a short pleated skirt matched with black long socks and white shoes.

Cross Academy (Vampire Knight)

anime uniform - vampire knight
There are two uniquely designed uniforms to designate two classes – day and night. Day classes wear black uniforms while night classes wear white. These uniforms are made up of a shirt or blouse, a blazer, skirt and trousers, a red ribbon for girls and tie for boys, and contrasting armbands. Elaborately designed with pins, buttons and stripes, these uniforms strike a good gothic feel.

* (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

anime uniform - melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
The boys’ uniform is no different from the usual shirt, tie, blazer and trouser, except for the school emblem. The girls’ on the other hand have a collar that’s bigger than usual and pulls down under the chest. The school crest is on a light blue area between the collars. A deep red ribbon reaches down to a kilt skirt.

Seiso Academy (La Corda D’oro)

anime uniform - la corda d oro
The music school has different set of uniforms for varying students: pale yellow blazers and black skirt or trouser with tie or ribbon for music students while normal students don black double breasted tops with white skirt or trousers. What makes the students belong to the same school are their ties and ribbons that must have a different color depending on academic level.

St. Miator’s Girls Academy (Strawberry Panic)

anime uniform - strawberry panic
The students of this (one of three) school wears a long black dress with a Gothic Lolita look. The buttons go all the way down to the skirt that opens to show a white skirt with embroidery that can also be seen on the collars and the tip of the folded up sleeves. A dark green short necktie accentuates the entire look.

Ashford Academy (Code Geass)

anime uniform - code geass
The uniforms are military type and double breasted. The girls wear pale yellow blazers with a short necktie and skirt while the boys wear a stand-up collar blazer and trousers. A unique feature of the uniform is the belt placed in the blazer that flows down to the hips. The crest of the school can be found on both sides of the neck for the boys and on the necktie for the girls.

Infinity Academy, Azabu Juban Junior High and T*A Private Girls School (SailorMoon)

anime uniform - sailormoon1
Infinity Academy obliges students to wear a deep red blouse with a navy-colored collar and green plaid bow and matching skirt.

T*A Private Girls School students wear a more subdued color of gray for their double-breasted blouse with a deep red bow to accentuate.

Though Azabu Juban Junior High has a different uniform, Makoto Kino chose to wear her former school uniform. It is a white blouse with laces in place of buttons. It has a mocha-colored collar with double white strips; the same design can also be seen in the sleeve. The same color also goes for the skirt that flows down to her knees.

Starlights Uniform (SailorMoon)

anime uniform - sailormoon2
The newcomers did not adhere to the dress code of Azaby Juban and instead wore a better variation of the normal male school uniform. It is zipped up and has six zipped pockets and a star design on the stand-up collar.

So, will you get into the dress code?